Video Marketing? Should I Shouldn’t I?

That’s a question I hear very often from my subscribers. Here’s my view on it.

It seems that everyone on the Internet is touting Video as the Marketing tool of today that you must use. What I hear is, “ You have to entertain people, nobody reads anymore, etc etc.

I believe a well done video is a great way to engage people.

But the following are some of the problems as I see it.

With almost everyone using video, I don’t have time to watch them each day. I receive at least 10 emails with videos in them on a daily basis. I just delete them and never watch them. A brilliant video that nobody watches is really worthless.

If I do want to watch the video later, I bookmark it, and hope to view it later. As we all know, later never comes.

To me the written word is better than video.

People can print a written message. When it’s in front of them they are more likely to read it.

When they skim it they will get the gist of it and if they like what they see, they will respond.

Let’s put this in perspective. If people read your message, even if it is halfway decent, it will always outperform the video they didn’t watch.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t use video. Use it, but also make sure you also use written words communication along with video and audio.

Let me know your thoughts on this weeks ideas even if you disagree?

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29 Responses to “Video Marketing? Should I Shouldn’t I?”

  1. Jim Kelly says:

    Could not agree with you more on this subject. Written word is the best way to engage on a consistent basis.


  2. I would have to respectfully disagree. We are moving to a new cloud based generation. People that can access VAST amounts of information in seconds not minutes like before. Instantaneous floods of information. If you think people’s attention spans are short now, just wait. Plus this is older generation thinking, young people would take a 3D high end mind blowing soundbite compared to having to take the time so sit there and read something. Plus the whole takes longer to write it than it does to say it. The information world will be moving way to fast soon to read, to many people get motion sickness. But that’s just my opinion.


  3. I think it depends on what you are selling.
    If it’s just another glitzy, over-rated smart phone or other product sold on a prestige basis to the youthful market, then a video would probably be better.
    If it is a technical product targeting the mature enterprise level management, then the written word, spell-checked and grammatically correct, is the better approach.


  4. Ken… Thank you for your post. I thought I was the only one who can’t be bothered with videos. You can’t scan a video to see if it’s worth your time so I assume it isn’t… since in my experience, that has been the case. With the written word, you can give it a quick once over and make the decision whether to go deeper.


  5. I am not surprised you don’t have time to watch video sent by e-mail. Most of the marekting -emial I receive I jut delete for not having time for it. If the very instructive e-mail has video as well I might see it, if I have time.
    I think the good video attached to a blog or just a fine video material presented in the blog could be a good idea. But exaggerating with video in marketing is a waist of money. Narrative marketing, telling interesting stories is much better and more effective, but is more demanding and requires creative marketer, who is anyhow cheaper then expensive videos, banners, TV spots and other costly adverts.


  6. David Libby says:

    Ken, I think your great most of the time but here are some ideas you are not considering. Reticular activation for well crafted recall, Post hypnotic suggestion or brainwashing,

    Multi sensory messages have outranked single sensory messages since they were created and have been documented in studies. If we are talking about well crafted messages with the intent to build a brand then 85% of what we learn comes through our eyes, ie:”seeing is believing” and a picture is worth a thousand words. Jingles are another aspect of audio visual presentation. And if Sales meetings just needed to read the expectations then why the big productions? New car introductions would be pretty bland as well


    Theanna Zika Reply:

    @David Libby,

    I think you missed the articles point. I think his point is that the video could be spetacular but if it is not being opened then all that “multi sensory” potential did not occur.
    And I almost never watch a video because it just does not seem worth the time to watch it. With some of the ones I have watched in the past, you have to sit and watch a commercial first! Videos also seem to take agonizingly long to get to the point! I feel I can skim an article-get the gist and move on-a LOT faster.


  7. Beth Donalds says:

    I think you are all correct. Generational differences are a significant factor in this area. Know your target market and adjust your media accordingly.

    PS. I barely have time to scan the e-mails I get…if there is a video I delete it.


  8. bev says:

    Most have mentioned a video in an email or on a blog, but out of curiousity, what about a video on utube to promote, say, a new book? Would this be a good option?


  9. Sally says:

    I agree with Ken and most of the comments about using video. I think it depends on how you are using it and the age of your target market. My target market is older and I believe like me, they won’t watch videos. The benefit I see in using videos on your website is that it will boost your seo, or so I’m told.


  10. Ray Brown says:

    The phrase “horses for courses” comes to mind. I do think that discounting video is a risky option in today’s world of ipad & smart phones. This video by James Wedmore will give you the latest stats on video
    The other key point is that video targets a different part of the brain than the written word. Reptillian brain versus “new” brain. And we all know where most buying decisions are made!


  11. I agree, and since I like to write, it makes even more sense.


  12. Beth Manus says:

    Hi everyone, Since we all receive so many marketing messages each day, I think we each have to decide what’s the most effective marketing strategy for our particular industry.I’m a classical musician, and I understand that there’s a visual aspect of performing as well as what’s heard. People are more likely to hire a musician if they see and hear one perform on a video,or in person first, then request their services.
    I’m also affiliated with some musical organizations that use Youtube clips to help educate audiences about particular music, and also as a way to draw audiences for upcoming programs.
    I think Ken makes a good point about a video being well done if it’s used, but I have to say that I don’t always think the written word is better.
    I’ve learned to get to know my potential clients, pick one or two effective ways to reach them. Many creative, musical types communicate through Facebook, video,and of course live performance.
    Thanks to everyone for your helpful comments.
    Best wishes, Beth


  13. Emmanuel says:

    Great idea, it is true that we don’t watch most of the videos unless some words pull our attention towards the content.


  14. Theanna Zika says:

    I am in my 40′s and I always choose an article over a video. But I own a business and notice my younger 20 something employees always prefer a video. I find it interesting that younger people feel watching the video is the quickest route while baby boomers feel that reading or skimming an article is quicker. So I think that means a business considering video really needs to know the age of their target market!


  15. Neena Dayal says:

    Hello Ken,

    I quite agree with you. I too have a ton of videos sitting unwatched on my computer. I also have an issue with some of the latest videos, which neither display the duration nor there are any controls to pause and play later. Initially, being a non-technical person I did not realize this, but now after having gone through some of these videos, I just delete them. I feel, they operate on the premise of enticing the audience and holding them till the end with irrelevant repeat messaging, which does little or no value addition to the already existing knowledge.

    I am in a habit of writing very long posts. I think, what I am learning most from you is to be succinct in my point. Saying it clearer and in fewer words. It really works.

    Keep up the great work you are doing.


  16. Gints says:

    Ken, I agree with your point and there is a good description of it in Robert Pagnini, Ewa Masłowska, David Libby comments. In short: it depends from auditorium you refer to and product what you are selling, older generation mostly use written information and video for then would be as ad on and in majority cases if received from a source they trust…and to deepen their knowledge…they just have no time to watch a video for the sake of watching it.


  17. Scott Warner says:

    Ken, I agree written can be better. Just today I was talking to a customer about this, and he said he DELETES video emails. Here’s why. He was burned by an email with a video link that contained a virus that hijacked his system. Unfortunately, links to CLAIMS of a video can be hazardous. Text emails are safer.


  18. Sergey says:

    Hi, Ken . I think , that on exist The main difference. Words from your mind, but VIDEO is DIGITAL performance .


  19. Hennie says:

    I believe video Marketing is something for the future, the only reason why it is not working100% is because we are not yet custom to it yet. Some of is may be ready yet, however our children and theirs will defnitly utilise this tool more and more.


  20. Bhudeb Das says:

    Obviously it depends on what is the selling point.
    If it’s just another glitzy product to be sold to the youth, then a video would probably be better.
    If it is a technical product targeting the mature-level management, then the written version is the better approach.


  21. Enric Sorribas says:

    I agree, words are better than video, but depending on the target, sometimes an image (or several images) are better than words.


  22. Lydia Brown says:

    I enjoy watching videos on blogs but I do bookmark and forget to return. Somedays I just don’t feel like watching and prefer to read. Lately I have noticed some blogs still have a complete narrative in the post along with the video. I am going to start doing this myself. I like being able to scan the write section then if it really peeks my interest I usually decide to watch the video.


  23. Tui Koroiveibau says:

    It is interesting that we are talking about preferences and there is no right or wrong but choices we make based on our individual prejudices and the generation we are from. My personal opinion is if the first impression is good and appealing then naturally we want to go further and look at the video. Both the message (intro) and the video must be well orchestrated curiosity driven to stand a chance with any generation.

    Selling the brand and the message would be key to make someone open and see a video.

    My conclusion is to have both;the written word introducing and pointing to the video as the next step for those interested enough and captivated by the written word. Pictures are worth a thousand words…but not to be repetitious.


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