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If you are on LinkedIn, you joined to use this social media venue to create potential customers/clients. The greatest stumbling block has been that once you joined, you found that the Linkedin culture frowns upon self promotion. That may have discouraged you. Or you may not have found a way to talk about yourself within […]

The strategy I’m going to go over today reveals one of the biggest kept secrets in the marketing game. In its true form, a “tear sheet mailing” is an ad or direct mail piece that is written to look like a newspaper article about you or your business. It is produced and laid out like […]

Convincing “Almost Customers” to do business with you. All of us have a hoard of prospects that were initially attracted to us for some reason or another.  It could have been your ad that attracted them, a direct mail piece, or any other method you might have used to attract that prospect. Once you have […]

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