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In today’s economy, it is critical to know what your Customer’s really want, because you can go off in a direction that could be wrong. As businesses individuals, we all think we know what our customers or clients really want.  Unfortunately, what we think they want isn’t necessarily what they really want.  In fact I […]

Online newsletters and ezines are one of the most cost-effective tools you can use to market your business. Customers and prospects who subscribe to your newsletter mailing list are giving you the opportunity to establish a relationship with them. That is very important.  It gives you the opportunity to develop a relationship with them. Once […]

This is a very interesting question.  It is from a network marketing subscriber. The questions is: ”I’d like to go to the Ambassador Level in my company in the next 3 months.” Assuming that you ’re following the selling and recruiting training that your parent network company provides, here are some things to keep in […]

In this post I’m going to continue my discussion on developing niches. As I mentioned in my last post, before going into a new niche you must try to confirm as closely as possible that the numbers will work for you. In general, you should satisfy yourself that you will have positive answers when you […]

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