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Each of us has a customer that had such a wonderful experience in doing business with us that they rave to others about that experience.  This should be capitalized on and used to promote your business. Remember Victor Kiam?  He was enormously successful for quite awhile with his commercials for Remington.  This was his statement.  […]

The following 9 ideas have helped me and will help you grow your business on a limited budget when you apply them. If you don’t have a journal, I would suggest that you purchase one at your local Staples.  If not grab a sheet of paper.  It doesn’t matter what your business is, write down […]

I’m writing this week about this topic because I recently visited my local Chamber of Commerce’s Expo, where about 200 businesses had booths and/or offered food in the food court. What a terrible experience. Not one…not one of the exhibitors had any mechanism to gather the information from a visitor. Why would they need to […]

Here’s an experience I just had this week. I was reading my local newspaper, and an ad jumped out at me. It was for a Hair Salon. It stated: “Bring this Ad with you and your first visit is FREE.” I set up an appointment and complimented the owner on her ad. Here’s the interesting […]

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