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There is a very short window of time that you have when you initially contact a new prospect by telephone, in a face-to-face meeting, or networking. If you fail to make an impression quickly, you have tuned them out. Here are some of the things I’ve experienced where the person lost my attention. 1. Opening […]

Every business person has specific goals they are striving to achieve. These can include everything from increasing their market share and sales, to reducing operating expenses, to streamlining the business, to being creative and taking share from the competition. Here’s another worthy goal. Invest the time to learn the key objectives of each of your […]

Here are a few ways I’ve used to make my competition irrelevant.  Focus on the moment of truth, the place or position that your products or services will be offered to the customer.  For example, if you have a retail establishment, this may be a wall display or a counter display. On the internet this […]

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