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Because of all of the choices your customers have everything just seems to look alike. How does your business distinguish itself? I have found that it always is the Experience that the customers have with your business. The reality is that the only people who talk about your exceptional service that counts is your customers. […]

An ongoing challenge for any company is the retention of customers. It is well known that getting new customers costs much more than maintaining ones already doing business with you. Here are just a few things you can do in the customer care arena to retain customers:  Be Responsive: respond quickly when a customer contacts […]

It always surprises me that most companies never put themselves in their customers’ or prospects’ position.   I say this because I see so many companies that make doing business with them so hard. For example, if someone calls your company and a telephone operator is their first contact, can that operator make a compelling response […]

A significant number of people are what I call “participators.”  They appreciate and desire being part of a special group.   They value being with others that have a special or common purpose.   Smart marketers find ways to create this special group and offer exclusivity to that segment of their customers. I call such a […]

I recently had an experience I want to share with you.  It could have turned out badly, but I want to share with you the way the problem was handled. The week before Christmas I was visiting my daughter in California and we decided to have lunch in one of her favorite restaurants.  It is […]

In my opinion, a newsletter is the most useful tool in maintaining relationships with customers and keeping them interested in you, your business, your products and your services.  Since “publications” get better readership than “sales materials” and articles get more readership than ads, it just makes sense to put your messages into the format of […]

When I started my first company, it was a struggle. Over the years I realized how difficult it was to create a customer, so I decided that I wanted to create companies that would keep customers longer and have them spend more with me. This way they would spend more money with me. I became […]

Even though it’s one of the most powerful ways to build a business, most business owners don’t send out personal cards because they don’t know what to say or feel it doesn’t apply to them. Do they feel that their business is different from any other business? Let me tell you.  It doesn’t matter what […]

I personally feel that there is some sort of mediocrity that has infiltrated most businesses.  Needless to say, I hate shopping and only do it with my wife Barbara.  Over the last 6 months, I’ve created a list of some of the things I heard when shopping and that turned me completely off.  Here they […]

Customers may not remember what you said, but they surely will remember how you made them feel. It is very important to cultivate direct connections with customers and clients. Give them your direct phone line. Invite them to call you and let them know you are willing to help them in any way you can. When you […]

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