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Do simple things that will make clients and customers Raving Fans of your business and talk to everyone they know about you.

If you always putting your customer’s interests first, you will find it will help you in ways you may not see at first.

Because of all of the choices your customers have everything just seems to look alike. How does your business distinguish itself? I have found that it always is the Experience that the customers have with your business. The reality is that the only people who talk about your exceptional service that counts is your customers. […]

To add a little more to my last post, it’s not sufficient to only institute systems that keep the customer/client in mind; it’s also necessary that you inspect those systems. You have to inspect what you inspect. You have to make sure that the systems are performing as you intended and make the adjustments necessary […]

We have all had miserable experiences, and I hope that we have all learned from those negative experiences.  When business colleague Rich Schefren emailed me this story, I thought it would be important to have you read about it too.  It addresses one of the dilemmas we have to deal with as business owners.  The […]

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