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Think of a customer you haven’t seen in a few months. Do you ever wonder where they are purchasing now. Do you think that once a customer purchases that your job is over? What do you do now that the customer has purchased. What is your plan? Is it “ Well now I have to […]

Because of all of the choices your customers have everything just seems to look alike. How does your business distinguish itself? I have found that it always is the Experience that the customers have with your business. The reality is that the only people who talk about your exceptional service that counts is your customers. […]

It always surprises me that most companies never put themselves in their customers’ or prospects’ position.   I say this because I see so many companies that make doing business with them so hard. For example, if someone calls your company and a telephone operator is their first contact, can that operator make a compelling response […]

Every business owner and entrepreneur, knows that if they want to attract and retain more loyal customers, they need to provide high-quality customer service.  Today, the successful ones focus heavily on communicating how valuable their customers are to the company.  But the real question is—do they really value their customer?  Each of us, at some […]

Each of us has a customer that had such a wonderful experience in doing business with us that they rave to others about that experience.  This should be capitalized on and used to promote your business. Remember Victor Kiam?  He was enormously successful for quite awhile with his commercials for Remington.  This was his statement.  […]

In my various seminars, I’ve heard one statement made over and over again. “Nobody likes a complainer." I differ. I like complainers. Why? Because a complainer is doing me a favor. They are the extension of any research I could ever do. And research is very costly. And they also are not paid but providing […]

I recently had an experience I want to share with you.  It could have turned out badly, but I want to share with you the way the problem was handled. The week before Christmas I was visiting my daughter in California and we decided to have lunch in one of her favorite restaurants.  It is […]

When I started my first company, it was a struggle. Over the years I realized how difficult it was to create a customer, so I decided that I wanted to create companies that would keep customers longer and have them spend more with me. This way they would spend more money with me. I became […]

I personally feel that there is some sort of mediocrity that has infiltrated most businesses.  Needless to say, I hate shopping and only do it with my wife Barbara.  Over the last 6 months, I’ve created a list of some of the things I heard when shopping and that turned me completely off.  Here they […]

Customers may not remember what you said, but they surely will remember how you made them feel. It is very important to cultivate direct connections with customers and clients. Give them your direct phone line. Invite them to call you and let them know you are willing to help them in any way you can. When you […]

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