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Do simple things that will make clients and customers Raving Fans of your business and talk to everyone they know about you.

Probably 99.9 times out of 100 prospects, will not spend the time to read your unsolicited ad or direct mail piece. The reason is that you are “interrupting their lives.” The simple act of having an ad or sales letter before a prospect will bring them to the proverbial “fork in the Road” and forces […]

It never fails to astound me that when I’m looking through a magazine or newspaper and reading the ads, that not only do they all look alike and are boring, but almost none of them ask for a response. Go grab a magazine right now and look through the display ads.  You’ll see ads saying […]

A couple months ago, I needed to replace a window that broke during a windstorm.  I saw an ad in the local newspaper.  I noticed it offered a free report, so I decided to contact them instead of going into the yellow pages. I got the report and frankly it was well written and informational.  […]

Whenever I consult with a company, one of the first things I create is a method to capture the names of anyone who inquires about the company or their products. Note.  I didn’t say create a mailing list of their customers.  I said: “capture the names of anyone who inquires about the company or their […]

I’ve been posting many ideas and secrets that have helped to create more than 6 million customers over my career, and I’ve been encouraging you to make comments.  Some of you have commented and shared your experiences; many others haven’t. Can you imagine if just 10% of the members share an idea or strategy that […]

If you are currently advertising using TV, Radio or an ad in the newspaper, you can bring in more customers by also using direct mail. Direct mail puts your message right in front of your prospect in their own home or business. If you send the right mailing to the right list at the right […]

A few weeks ago, I was on a telephone consultation with one of our subscribers and one of the suggestions I gave him was to create a list of the 1,000 individuals or businesses he would like as customers.  I hope all of you have read the life story of David Oglivy, because when he […]

When I had my 35 companies, I created ways to be in touch with my customers constantly.   At least once a month.  With the advent of the Internet, I was able to communicate with them on a weekly basis simply by pushing a button.   One of the companies I had insured over 600,000 Nurses for […]

HI Everyone. This is going to be a very exciting and profitable journey for me and I hope for you. Who would have ever thought that at my age I’d have a Blog. To some individuals, a Blog would seem to be a negative thing. But to me and to you, this Blog will be […]

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