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This is the single most important skill for a business owner to have. Few do.

Do simple things that will make clients and customers Raving Fans of your business and talk to everyone they know about you.

Many of you don’t do Yellow Page advertising anymore, but for those of you that do, here’s what I suggest. When someone is looking in the yellow pages, they are actually ready to buy, so your ad has got to jump out at them, and then have them contact you instead of all of the […]

Probably 99.9 times out of 100 prospects, will not spend the time to read your unsolicited ad or direct mail piece. The reason is that you are “interrupting their lives.” The simple act of having an ad or sales letter before a prospect will bring them to the proverbial “fork in the Road” and forces […]

Before I give you some methods and ideas of offers to get Customers Beating a Path to Your Door, it is important that you understand that the real secret to creating a successful offer is to do the initial research and to find out as much as you can about the individuals whom you are […]

Question: How do I start blogging, make my message unique, and attract all the clients I want? Blogging is the tool of today for serious marketers, writers, and others who need to communicate information to a selected audience. Blogging is typically used as a public journal, similarly to a diary.  But it is also used […]

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