Working Less

I think I’ve been a salesman most of my life. I started selling very early in my life and there aren’t too many days since that I haven’t been selling. There are times I think I’m very good at selling. Over the years I’ve been paid very well to train others in my sales techniques, […]

I’m often asked if there are secrets for succeeding online. Here are a few thoughts I’ve put together to help you. Know what your highest payoff activities are. Most of the successful business owners I speak with know exactly what they should be focusing their attention on each day. They know what is going to […]

This is a very interesting question. “I would like to have more success with attracting clients, be able to make more money working less hours, and, last but not least, be able to retire wealthy before I am 100.” Very interesting! I would have wanted to retire at as early an age as possible. The […]

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