Sales Promotion

I have used all types of media from postcards to Money Mailer Coupons to get my message out to the masses. But, out of all of the media that I’m familiar with, I believe that the simple Sales Letter is the most reliable and powerful method of selling any product or service—whether offline or online.  […]

In my last post, I talked about seasonal tie-ins.  Here are more ideas you can use for this Spring season, later seasons in the year, or upcoming holidays, like July 4th, etc. Now and every day, you need to be out there in front of your clients, showing them exactly why they should shop or […]

Before I give you some methods and ideas of offers to get Customers Beating a Path to Your Door, it is important that you understand that the real secret to creating a successful offer is to do the initial research and to find out as much as you can about the individuals whom you are […]

About 3 weeks ago, I wrote about the idea that Chrysler had with offering gas as an incentive for purchasing or leasing a car. Since then, I’ve come across a few other innovative ways to use this “problem” to your advantage. You should take a few minutes and just sit back and analyze this idea.  […]

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