Today is very uncertain. We recently heard of the new strain of the COVID virus. Then there’s the unfortunate crash of the Sriwijaya Air jet about 12 minutes after take-off from Indonesia. And the crazy thing is, it’s only half of the first month of 2021! Nobody knows what happens next, that’s for sure. And […]

Today is very uncertain. We wonder how our customers are going to have the money to purchase from us and constantly hear about the government taking more of our hard-earned dollars and wasting it. When a market is crowded, burdened by a sluggish economy as we now have, only the fearless survive. In economic times […]

When Business Gets Slow and cash is low, What can you Do? There are times when a business goes from generating extra cash to generating not enough cash.  Any business that has been around for a few years will experience the ebb and flow of our economy…especially in a recession. There are several ways to […]

Last month, I flew from Aruba to Las Vegas to attend the Speakers & Authors Networking Group Event. When the event was over 3 days later, I flew back to Aruba. The reason I went to all of this trouble of flying, is because I’m still investing in myself and still learning from others. And […]

With today’s economy being what it is, you should reevaluate where and how your Marketing dollars are being used. Here are some ideas to consider: Market to your existing customers.  As you all know, it costs a great deal less to market to your existing customers than to constantly go after new ones.  You definitely […]

We’ve all been reading over the last few weeks how the bottom is falling out of the stock market and individuals are losing over 30% or more in their 401K or pensions.  You might deal with others, as customers, who are now attempting to get you to lower your prices.  Or when you call one […]

When faced with a downturn in the economy, there are a couple big mistakes a business can make: 1. Do nothing 2. Do the wrong thing. Doing either of these can put the nails in your coffin. The problem is that the fear of doing the wrong thing often causes many business owners to do […]

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