Raising Sales Transaction Level

Two weeks ago I had to fly to Salt Lake City and since I arrived at the airport early, I decided to go to the Airlines Club in the Concourse. I sat down and opened my computer to write another article for you. When all of a sudden, something caught my eye. There were three […]

A systematic approach is the way you should market your business. You might ask yourself, “ Why should I use a Marketing Funnel?” The most important reason is that it results in more sales. And more sales means more profitability. That should be reason enough, but the real question is why do you get more […]

I’ve been teaching the value of this “technique” for many, many years because it is an incredibly effective way to put people in your business and increase your customer base. I put “technique” in quotes because it’s not a technique so much as common sense. You don’t have to study or practice it. You don’t […]

I think I’ve been a salesman most of my life. I started selling very early in my life and there aren’t too many days since that I haven’t been selling. There are times I think I’m very good at selling. Over the years I’ve been paid very well to train others in my sales techniques, […]

My insurance agent came over last week to update my portfolio of policies.  I like to make sure I am more than covered. I consider insurance an asset, not an expense. Peace of mind and protection, not a cost. I also consider insurance among the toughest sales in the world. No one wants it, and […]

I have seen so many missed opportunities from businesses that I purchase from…opportunities to serve me better and for them to make more profit at the same time.  In my opinion, every call that is made to a business is an opportunity for an up-sell. Did you ever purchase anything from an infomercial that you […]

A few weeks ago I wrote a Marketing Tip issue on using upsells. Because it’s such an important topic for your business, I wanted to give you a few more examples here in the blog. I live on the Jersey Shore and there are a lot of boat rental places. A friend of mine owns […]

In my last post, I talked about seasonal tie-ins.  Here are more ideas you can use for this Spring season, later seasons in the year, or upcoming holidays, like July 4th, etc. Now and every day, you need to be out there in front of your clients, showing them exactly why they should shop or […]

The question was asked how to raise the transaction level of my customer. This could be done in a number of ways.  The first suggestion I can give is for you to have a few levels of service that you make available to your client.  The first level would naturally be an introduction level, at […]

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