I’m often asked on my coaching calls, “Why do people who are visiting my various social media platforms aren’t communicating with me after that first visit?” This is a problem many business owners have. It’s just not enough to just say “Follow us on Twitter” or Like our Facebook Page”.  You have to give a […]

The following 9 ideas have helped me and will help you grow your business on a limited budget when you apply them. If you don’t have a journal, I would suggest that you purchase one at your local Staples.  If not grab a sheet of paper.  It doesn’t matter what your business is, write down […]

I often talk about the Law of Reciprocity as an example of how you can build rapport with a prospect or customer.   Reciprocity works because most of us don’t like to feel obligated to someone else.   When someone gives us a gift, we want to reciprocate.  So when you give a gift to a […]

Which is more important?  Marketing or Selling? Whenever I do a seminar, or when you look at the questions I receive from my subscribers, there most often is the question of what is more important, Selling or Marketing? I receive statements such as, “I’ve been going to various seminars, reading many books, and as a […]

Whenever I go to a Chamber meeting or a networking function, I’m always astonished at the way individuals meet.  When I’ve gathered the business cards that were handed to me, they all looked alike and none of them jumped out at me. The reason I’m writing about this, is that I just came back from […]

 This question applies to every business person even though it was asked by an insurance agent. An elevator speech is a very short, concise oral summation of you, your company, your product, or whatever you’re trying to sell; that’s “sell” in the broadest possible sense.    The purpose of an elevator speech is to capture the […]

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