All of us have a hoard of prospects that were initially attracted to us for some reason or another.  It could have been your ad that attracted them. A direct mail piece. Or any other method you might have used to attract that prospect. Once you have attracted that prospect to look at you, they […]

Don’t you know it!  Just when you think that “FREE” has been worn out because every buyer now expects a free report, a free trial period, a free sample, someone has come along to take the concept up another notch. And that someone is none other than Chris Anderson, the founder of Wired Magazine and […]

A million dollar idea Last evening, I had the opportunity to visit my local Chamber of Commerce’s meeting, whereby they had approximately 52 tables set up by various local vendors.  They called it “Sizzling Summer Business Expo 2009.” They also invited all of the restaurants in the area to rent a booth and created an […]

I recently read Seth Godin’s blog about change and it reminded me of the blog article I wrote about Innovation a few weeks ago. Here’s what Seth says, "In down economies, the only thing that’s going to change things is changing things. This is hard for a lot of marketers who are used to defending […]

Every time I think of ways for any business to survive good and bad times, I always think of Innovation.   If we constantly keep in mind that we should always be thinking of ways to innovate our product or business, we will be ahead of the game. I recently received an email from my dear […]

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