Competing and winning

I was just thinking about why Coke made the decisions they made when they took the old Coke off the market and instead created New Coke, and it turned out to be a disaster. I googled Coke and found out some interesting information that I feel pertains to all of us that are in business. […]

When I had my 35 companies, I created ways to be in touch with them constantly.   At least once a month. With the advent of the Internet, I was able to communicate with them on a weekly basis simply by pushing a button.    One of the companies I had insured over 600,000 nurses […]

In my last coaching program, I asked the audience how they knew that they were better than their competition. Many responded positively. Then one member asked me, “Ken if you were opening up a hamburger place, and you had to make it successful, what would you do, since on each corner, within 10 blocks there […]

One of the main reasons “customer satisfaction” is a meaningless statistic is that it is not predictable, let alone measurable, as related to business growth. Right about all customer satisfaction people, from marketing to award companies, are saying to me that I am a “know-nothing” human who has no concept of business. “You must have […]

There is an old adage, “When everybody’s your customer, nobody’s your customer,” and it is absolutely true and very important. Only giant companies have the resources necessary to market a product or service to everybody who can buy it, and it is a terrible mistake for small companies and entrepreneurs to market “broad.” When I […]

My insurance agent came over last week to update my portfolio of policies.  I like to make sure I am more than covered. I consider insurance an asset, not an expense. Peace of mind and protection, not a cost. I also consider insurance among the toughest sales in the world. No one wants it, and […]

What would it take for your business to survive in the face of adversity?  Let’s take a look at the possible bankruptcy filing by Blockbuster Video and what that has to do with you. All over the country there are now chains of stores that have a video dispensing machine where a person can rent […]

“I love a Bad Economy.” I heard this statement from a very astute entrepreneur whom I respect a lot. When he made this statement I asked him to explain what he meant. In a simple sentence he said, “Say Goodbye to former competitors.” A bad economy causes a lot of pain. A lot of people […]

Who’s right?  Who’s wrong? Seth Godin, Chris Anderson, and Malcolm Gladwell are going at it about “FREE”, the book recently written by Chris. Personally, I side with Chris and Seth, even though Malcolm makes a strong argument for his position.  I think it’s clear that if you look at the trends of “free”, you can […]

When I think of this topic, I’m reminded of the movie “The Fly.”  Have there ever been times when you wished you were a fly on the wall of your competitor’s office or store?  The good news is that you don’t have to be a fly to gather information about what your competitors are up […]

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