Are your customers passionate about doing business with you?

When I started my first company, it was a struggle.

Over the years I realized how difficult it was to create a customer, so I decided that I wanted to create companies that would keep customers longer and have them spend more with me. This way they would spend more money with me. I became very successful because of the relationship I built with my customers and I treated them all as dear friends.

After 5 years of doing this, I wondered why I was putting all the time and effort into building these companies. After some “quiet time” I realized it was because I had a “passion” for what I was doing. There were times I couldn’t wait to get into my office.

What is your passion?

You must find it if you don’t know what it is.

It will keep you motivated and keep you going in the bad times. We all dream, so it will keep your dreams alive and keep you on track in order to accomplish your goals.

There is an old saying, “without a driving passion, you will become one of the “95% group.” Those are individuals without dreams, ambitions, and goals.

I’d like to offer a suggestion…

Right now, this minute, list the 10 things you have always wanted more of. Then rank them in order of personal passion to you. Review that list and look for the one that jumps out at you and gets you in the gut. That’s the one that will change your entire life.

I promise you that when you find your driving passion, everything in your life will start happening faster and faster.

Now, let’s get to your customer’s “why”…

Why do your customers purchase from you? It could be because of the great service you give, the great product you offer, or it could be a multitude of things. Whatever it is, you must find out why they purchase from you.

Once you know why, your job becomes about how to satisfy that "why" in a way that gets your customers to be passionate about doing business with you.

This is probably something new for you to try. But trust me, when you create a passion in your customer for doing business with you, you will have created an advocate for your business and services. Passionate customers will do business with you over and over and will refer everyone they know to you.

So your objective in dealing with your customers is to create passion in them for what you do.

When you are passionate and your customers are passionate, can you think of a better way to do business?

Let me hear your ideas about this.

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6 Responses to “Are your customers passionate about doing business with you?”

  1. walter daniels says:

    Some time back, I heard something that stuck with me. “If you are not passionate about what you do, why should your customer?”
    For a customer to be apssionate, they have to see the passion from me, for solving that problem. A friend of mine, by the name of Mark Racop, has a company building the only “licensed, Batmobile replica.” His passsion for recreating the vehicle, is matched by those wanting one. In the process, both win.


    Ken Varga Reply:

    @walter daniels,
    Walter, good example with the Batmobile.


  2. Ken,
    As usual, I love your twist on things!
    Not only should we be passionate about
    what we do, but we should be the person
    that others become passionate about.
    It is all about branding! We must not
    only brand our company, but also
    ourselves. I so very much enjoy your
    articles. They are insightful,
    with real steps (and great homework) but


    Ken Varga Reply:

    @Karen Kanefsky,
    Karen, thanks for the feedback. I truly appreciate it. It helps me know that I’m on track.


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