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by Ken Varga
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Hi again, and welcome to this week’s Marketing Tip of the Week.

I hope all of you have spent this last week determining ways to use direct mail in your business.

This week I’m going to give you a quick summary of how, where, and why you can, and must, use direct mail in your business.

First let me state how you must look at direct mail.

It is salesmanship or saleswomanship in print.

As such, it affords you the opportunity to take your most powerful sales presentations and turn them into a printed message that you can deliver on the desk, in the hands, in the minds, and in the eyes of all the prospects you want to reach.

And trust me. It is very powerful.

Direct mail gives you enormous flexibility and enormous possibilities.

It allows you to contact people and businesses your normal selling methods will not afford you the chance to reach…both monetarily and physically.

For example: let’s say that your business has one location and you have no salespeople out in the field. You’re limited to just the people who come to you and see your advertising.

If I happen to be reading a magazine, newspaper, or listening to a radio show, maybe I’ll see your message.

But if I’m not doing those things you won’t reach me.

Let’s say I inquire at your place of business; I come in, but I don’t buy.

Or, say that I call up for information, but I don’t follow through.

Or, say I send away for information on your product or service, but I don’t buy.

You could send me a follow-up letter, or a series of progressive follow-up letters, that build a case for your product or service, that create a desire for your product or service, that develop my understanding of your product or service, that ultimately transform and convert me from a suspect to a prospect, and finally turn me into a loyal customer.

Direct mail can be used in many different situations:

(1) It’s a great way to prospect for new customers.

(2) It’s a powerfully effective way to give you access to markets and prospect’s you couldn't normally justify accessing.

Direct mail allows you to go deeper to smaller customers, and further to customers outside your direct selling area. It gives you enormous flexibility.

(3) It’s an incredibly powerful means to follow-up on all of the people you’ve had an initial contact with, whether in person, on the phone, or by letter.

Direct mail offers you great flexibility and many options in the way you can use it…

You can access everyone within a certain geographical area, new potential customers who have recently moved into your area, anyone whom you feel would benefit the most with your products.

I will guarantee you that Direct mail will produce more new customers, than any amount of money you are currently spending on advertising.

Most of the advertising I see, to me, is a total waste of money.

It’s image advertising, versus direct-response advertising.

In a future issue, I will write about the difference.

You may be asking yourself: “Well, what about the Internet? Isn’t that a better way to reach potential customers?”

I would say “that depends”.

See, if you can do joint ventures with other businesses on the Internet, or you can implement an effective Co-registration campaign, you may be able to find prospective customers quickly, and in large amounts.

But if you are looking at using search engine marketing, or email, to find prospective customers, I would say that, in the majority of cases, direct mail will give you better results.

The rise of Spam filters, and the legal requirements for opting in to your list before you can send an email to a prospective customer, has greatly reduced any advantage the Internet may have provided over direct mail.

However, using direct mail and the Internet together can have a great impact on reaching prospective customers. The way to use them together is to send a direct mail piece that gets prospective customers to go to your web site. At your website you can present your offer in full, or provide the opportunity for prospects to opt in to your list.

Once they’ve opted in to your list, you can make further contact by email.

So direct mail and Internet can work beautifully together. But direct mail can help you reach potential customers and make that first contact when email, or other Internet methods, can’t.

Well, that’s it for this week. Next week I’m going to show you some examples of how you can use direct mail to create more new customers for your business.

Till then keep healthy and wise.

Best Wishes,

Ken Varga
  ...using experience from my 35 businesses to help you generate millions of dollars from yours

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