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by Ken Varga
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Here It is...

The Simple System That Can Grow Your Business 100%!


Hi again, and welcome to this week’s Marketing Tip of the Week.

When I left off last week, I gave you an example of a bank who hired me to consult for them.

Even though the Loan Officers had a 96% closing rate on getting appointments, I still had to devise something that created their Unique Selling Proposition.

After many hours, and I do mean many hours of contemplating this, I finally had the answer.

For those of you who have purchased my book, “How to Get Customers to Call, Buy, and Beg for More”, you will remember that I gave an example of my consulting business card.

The card is cut on the right bottom corner, and says, turn over.

Well, I did a similar card for the bank’s loan officers.

On the back of the bank’s business card it says, “In the business of friendly and superior banking services, and quarterly seminars to help you get more customers and grow your business.”


What Bank does that for its customers?

But then I had another problem. How are they going to do that on a quarterly basis?

So I created my Teachers and Student Manuals.

But, to make it more effective, I had them send the invitations to the client with two tickets, stating that the second ticket was to be used to bring a non-customer as a guest to the seminar.

When the non-customer guests arrived at the seminar, guess what thoughts went through their minds.

“My Bank doesn’t do this for me. I should look into switching my banking to this bank.”


If you sell business to business, or do seminars on a Host-Beneficiary basis, you can use these two items I mentioned.

You can purchase my book on a volume discount, and use the Teachers and Student Manuals, to glue your customers to your company, so that they will never think of leaving you for the competition.

You can probably think of other ways to accomplish this. However, using my book and manuals will make the process much easier and quicker.

We also developed a direct mail piece to send out to the businesses who weren’t the bank’s customers yet.

I’ve also done the same process above with insurance agencies, where the agencies created their business cards the same way, and did the quarterly seminars for their business customers.

Some of them have reported a 100% increase in their business as a result of using this system.

So think of ways that you might capitalize on this concept.

The whole idea is to use Direct Mail to open the door, so that you can tell your story about how the prospect can benefit from your product or service.

But do it in an unusual way…a way that no one else is currently using.

Next week I’m going to go over the other ways in which I generated new customers for this bank, and the many other ways that the system has helped the bank grow.

I will write a short version of the letters I used to bring in new customers who have recently moved into the neighborhood, parents of newborns, and Senior citizens.

Till then, be healthy. I look forward to visiting with you next week with another exciting Marketing Tip of the Week.

Till then keep healthy and wise.

Best Wishes,

Ken Varga
  ...using experience from my 35 businesses to help you generate millions of dollars from yours

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