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by Ken Varga
Website: | Issue No. 06-12-03


How To Write Ad Copy That Is So Powerful and Compelling
That Customers Are Forced To Buy - Part 4

Hi again, and welcome to all the new subscribers.

I ended last weeks tip, by stating that in this weeks tip, we are going to go over creating a “desire” for your reader to respond to action.

The desire portion of your ad presents the facts of your product, creates and justifies your readers conviction, and causes them to demand our product or service.

It’s so important that you present “proven facts” about your product or services.

Surveys have shown that over 50% of the people reading your ad, will tend to question its authenticity. Therefore, the more facts you can present in the ad, the more credible your offer.

Always remember when you write your ad, the more facts about your product or service you present, the more customers you’ll get to respond to your ad.

People want facts as reasons and excuses for buying a product or service. How often have you felt you’ve been taken?

So, the desire portion of your ad has to build belief and credibility in the mind of your reader. It has to assure them of their good judgement in the decision to buy, and must furnish evidence of the benefits you’ve promised.

When you do this, you create in their mind a safety net in case anyone should question their decision to buy your product or service.

Individuals tend to believe in the things that appeal to their individual desires, fears, and other emotions.

People believe what they want to believe. Your reader wants to believe your ad, especially if they’ve read this far into it and it’s up to you to support this desire that you’ve created.

Study your product or service and everything about it and visualize the wants and desires or your potential customers.

You could always find plenty of facts to support the buyer’s reasons for buying.

But facts or just that, facts. You now have to turn these facts into benefits. How your prospective customer will benefit from purchasing your product or service.

Draw a mental picture for your potential buyer by letting them imagine owning the product or taking advantage of your service.

How about inducing them to visualize all of the benefits you’ve promised, and let them see themselves richer, enjoying luxury, having time to do whatever they’d like with all of their dreams fulfilled.

This can be done in one or two sentences, or spelled out in a paragraph or more, but it’s an ingredient you must include prior to closing the sale.

The mental imagery created by the ad is the element included in all successes that actually make the sale for you.

Don’t try to sell anything without it.

Just take a moment and think about your own experiences whenever you've purchased something.

Everyone of the fundamentals in the master formula, (AIDA) is necessary.

Those individuals who are easy to sell may perhaps be sold even if some of these factors are left out.

But why take the chance. It’s wiser to plan your advertisement so that it will have a powerful impact upon those who are the “Hardest to Sell”

Unlike Face to Face selling, you cannot in printed advertising come to a trial close in order to see if those who are easier to sell will buy without further persuasion.

Always assume that you are talking to the hardest ones.

Well, that’s it for this weeks tip, and next week I’ll give you the secret for obtaining the order.

Best Wishes,

Ken Varga
  ...using experience from my 35 businesses to help you generate millions of dollars from yours

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