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by Ken Varga
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How To Use Millions of Dollars of Investmet That Dozens of Companies

Have Made Over the Years In Their Customers...For Free!

Hi again and welcome to the new subscribers.

Before I begin this week’s tip, I want to thank all of you who have either faxed me or emailed me.

Your kind comments about these tips are really appreciated by me and I wanted to thank you.

Well, let’s start this week’s tip right away.

How would you like to be able to tap into millions and millions of dollars of investment that dozens of companies have made over the years in their customers...and have it cost you nothing?

How would you like to take advantage of hundreds of thousands of customers, all around your marketing area, who have an enormously strong loyalty and respect for the businesses they are currently dealing with?

You can, and you can do it so easily.

The concept for doing this is called Host Beneficiary-Relationships. It’s a simple process that’s based on utilizing the existing goodwill and strong relationships that other companies have already established with people who are prime prospects for your product or service.

The real question is who in your marketing area -- nationally or internationally -- has already established a very tight, very high level relationship with the same kind of people or businesses you desire to sell to.

What this means is: who’s already selling to the customers you want to be reaching, or the clients you want to be serving.

These companies would be selling their customers something else, something that either goes before, along with, or follows the product you are selling.

The moment you identify who these businesses are, you’re almost all the way home.

It really is that easy.

All you have to do is contact those companies and make it easy and advantageous for them to recommend their customers to you.

Why would they be willing to do that?

Two reasons:

1. You show them that it will be in their customer’s best interest; you demonstrate to them the level of benefit and advantage that you provide their customers that other competitors don’t provide.

2. You pay them.

Remember in an earlier tip, I stated, it’s all about them, and not about you.

There are many companies that are desperately searching for new profit centers and they haven’t the slightest idea of what they should be and where to look.

You are perfectly suited to be a joint venture center for them.

There are certain situations where you can provide one another with reciprocating services. In other words, if they will recommend their customers to you, you will reciprocate and recommend your customers to them.

It’s a win-win situation for all.

Anyhow, Host-Beneficiary Relationships are one of the most powerful methods you can use to grow your customer base.

I have personally used this secret to multiply all of my companies because it is so easy to implement.

Even if your company is a local retailer, you can utilize this concept locally.

Make a list of the other retailers surrounding your business. Then approach them with this concept and explain to them that this will profit them also.

In last week’s tip, I went over breaking even on creating the initial customer. Well, in this situation, your offer could be to give them the entire profit on the initial sale. If this alarms you, go back and read that issue.

Most of the time, the agreement is to split the profit fifty-fifty.

They win and you win.

Well that’s it for this week. I look forward to next weeks tip because I’m going to go over two concepts that will help you bring in more customers in a single day.

Till then, keep healthy.

Best Wishes,

Ken Varga
  ...using experience from my 35 businesses to help you generate millions of dollars from yours

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