The Marketing Tip of The Week

by Ken Varga
Website: | Issue No. 07-6-17


How To Focus Your Marketing Like a Laser Beam

To Flood Your Business With Customers and Cash !


Hi again, and welcome to another fantastic Marketing Tip of the Week.

In the next few tips of the week I’m going to write about another way to have customers beating a path to your place business...advertising.

You probably do some advertising now. But the advertising that I’ll be writing about is a highly specialized form of advertising.

Most business owners waste the bulk of their advertising effort and expense by advertising incorrectly.

I’ll be writing about how to use advertising in an extremely effective, targeted, and rifled approach that can’t help but grow your customer base many times over.

Let’s discuss where advertising makes strategic sense and where it doesn’t.

Once again, I believe most companies and professionals advertise inefficiently and ineffectively.

By inefficiently, I mean that most companies and professionals I look at, are paying to run ads in publications and newspapers that aren’t being read by large numbers of the type of people they are trying to reach.

Even though I’m referring to print advertising, the same rules will apply to any advertising medium that you use.

For instance, if you do radio advertising, you could easily be using the wrong station, or the wrong time of the day in which your ad is broadcasted.

If you do TV or Cable advertising, you could be running on the wrong station or the wrong time, or the wrong show.

The first rule for effective advertising is this...only advertise when the message you want to send will be heard by the highest concentration of the people you want to be talking to.

In regards to effectiveness, you should only run your advertising to reach the highest concentration of real prospects that you want to have as customers.

You want to make the advertising you decide to run produce solid continual results.

This is very important.

Whenever you run an advertisement, that advertisement must provide the reader, the viewer, and the listener with a self-serving advantage.

Remember that it’s not about you, but about them.

The customer has to be certain they are going to receive a payoff, a benefit, or an advantage from reading, listening, or viewing, or a payoff from sending in, coming in, or calling in.

It’s important that you understand there are three elements to making your advertising productive and effective.

Element number one is that it’s got to be about your customers, their concerns, their well-being, and their advantage…not yours.

Number two, you’ve got to offer them enough information and education.

Finally, you have got to give them some reason why they should contact you, call you, come into your place of business, or try out some product you are offering.

Unless your advertisement combines these three elements your advertising will fail. Or, at best, it will be so much less effective then it ought to be.

Well, that’s it for this week. Next week I’ll give you some examples of highly effective advertising and how you can measure the results.

Till then keep healthy and wise.

Best Wishes,

Ken Varga
  ...using experience from my 35 businesses to help you generate millions of dollars from yours

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