The Marketing Tip of The Week

by Ken Varga
Website: | Issue No. 07-5-20


How A Tiny Article Written By An Insurance Agent Created Worldwide Exposure

For His Business...And How You Can Do This Too!)!


Hi again and welcome to another Marketing Tip of the Week.

This week I’m going to write about how to use public relations.

Using public relations is a must, because it is a valuable method to add to your customer, client, and prospect-acquiring activities.


Because there are publications all over your market place. Whether you are local, regional, national, or international, consumer or business-to-business, there are publications...organizations with house organs, newsletters, radio, TV, special communications...that really are insatiably hungry for information and ideas they can share with their customers, their employees, their listeners, their viewers, or their readers.

Boy, that was a long paragraph! But it tells you most of the places where you can use publicity.

All you have to understand about public relations is one simple fact--you’ve seen me write about it over and over again--it’s all about them, not about you.

Any public relations activity you start must be based on this simple fact: the market place you are trying to reach must gain an important benefit or advantage, either educational or entertaining, out of what you're trying to share with them. Otherwise, it has absolutely no value to them.

This Marketing Tip of the Week is a prime example of public relations.

Each week I endeavor to give you ideas that will help you grow your business and get your customers to beg for more.

When you do any public relations activities, nobody cares if you moved to new facilities. What they care about is what’s important to them…what will help them improve their lives, expand their comfort, make them richer, entertain them, fulfill them, protect them.

What will give them some advantage in their business or day-to-day life?

Public relations will work for you as long as you keep your focus not on the entity or the medium you're trying to reach, but on the people they cater to, and on what will benefit those people’s lives the most.

Remember that it’s all about them and what will benefit them.

An insurance agent started writing columns in trade magazines. Each and every month he would write a column that now is picked up by 90 separate publications around the world and the subject he writes about is, “Cessation Planning.”

This is a specialized area of planning so that privately-held companies can transfer ownership of their company to their heirs, children, or employees with the lowest possible tax consequences.

You might be asking: how could an insurance agent write about this area?

Because he studied and received higher financial and professional designations within his field.

This Insurance Agent was a Certified Financial Planner, and a Certified Property & Casualty Underwriter.

I bet you have a small local community newspaper that is dying to receive articles about your business that could help their readers.

Or, you can do as the Insurance Agent did and write a column about your products and how they could help the readers.

A bookkeeping service did public relations where they talked about the changing climate for outsourcing accounting services and they helped people understand the cost effectiveness and advantages of outsourcing their accounting.

This article, by the way, got picked up in over 30 business publications and they gained over 100 new customers in the process.

So you can do the same with public relations. If a new and innovative product or service was created that you could sell, write about it and how it will benefit the reader.

Well that’s it for this week. Next week I’m going to continue on public relations.

Till then keep healthy and wise.

Best Wishes,

Ken Varga
  ...using experience from my 35 businesses to help you generate millions of dollars from yours

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