The Marketing Tip of The Week

by Ken Varga
Website: | Issue No. 07-6-24


How Target Marketing Helped One Small Business Generate

Five Times The Results...And Create Customers For Life!


Hi again, and welcome to another Marketing Tip of the Week.

Last week I wrote about writing results-oriented advertising.

Let me start off this week with some examples.

I know of a Financial Planner who specialized in showing senior citizens ways to conserve their estates.

He initially advertised in the Local Newspaper, but the results he was achieving were almost negligible.

I had him target his advertising in the newspapers of the Retirement Villages that existed in the area.

Plus, I created for him an Ad that was designed to have the senior citizen call for a Free Report.

When they called his prerecorded number and message, they left their name address, and phone numbers.

The ad pulled in over 5 new leads each week it was run.

Perhaps you can put yourself in the position of these readers.

At first they were skeptical. But when they saw his ad running every week, they realized that he was for real, and finally contacted him for the report.

Again, if you want someone to respond, you have to give him, or her, a reason for responding.

The reason the ad was highly effective was because it was about them, and not about him.

Here’s another example…

I had a computer training company as a client a few years ago.

They were running their ads in the daily newspapers and were struggling because they were doing a meager job.

The first question I asked them was…

Who and where their intended customer was?

It was obvious to me to move their advertising to the targeted individual they were trying to reach.

We advertised in computer magazines and targeted the students at the local colleges who were interested in computer training, and also in the local Adult Education programs.

The moment we targeted the audience they wanted, the ads produced 3 times as many inquiries.

But when I changed the content of the ad, to test it against the original one I created, they improved the results to 5 times as many inquiries.

Simple little changes in the way you do things, and where you do things, can improve your results many times over.

You must always test against your control ad until the new one increases the results over the control ad.

Here’s one more example for this week; it’s an example about me.

When I first published my book “How to Get Customers to Call, Buy and Beg for More”, I used to purchase a list of new businesses and send them a copy of my advertisement for the book.

One of the things I did that went along with the advertisement was to explain to them how critical it was for a starting business to create customers, and how I could help them accomplish just that.

Knowing that they were just starting out, I offered them a 50% discount on my book.

By doing the above, I created customers that had the potential to purchase from me over and over again as I came out with new products…and I made sure of that by constantly keeping in touch with my customers.

Well, that’s it for this week. I’m not going to tell you what I’ll be writing about next week, because I don’t want you to get too excited thinking about it.

Have a great week, and I’ll talk with you next week.

Till then keep healthy and wise.

Best Wishes,

Ken Varga
  ...using experience from my 35 businesses to help you generate millions of dollars from yours

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