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by Ken Varga
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Hi again, and welcome to another exciting Marketing Tip of the Week.

Last week I gave you some examples of how to use direct mail to get more new customers.

Always keep this in mind when you think of direct mail… you are never limited to any boundaries; you can be creative and innovative.

You’re definitely not limited in how many different ways you can use direct mail at any one time.

You can use direct mail to constantly generate leads, and to consistently follow-up on prospects who call you, come into your place of business, or who answer an ad for some kind of free report that you offer.

You can use direct mail at the same time to penetrate new markets, or difficult-to-reach markets.

You can do all of these and so much more.

For example, magazine subscription offers are a good case in point.

Those offers are typically really compelling; you could learn an awful lot from them.

They give you reasons why. They tell you about the articles. They put you in the place of what it would be like in your life once you subscribe.

Then they make you an irresistible offer.

They ask you to send back the card but no money at this time. Better yet, they ask you to pick up the phone and call an 800-number NOW.

The newsletter business has built a multi-million dollar business, just by using direct mail letters that are sent to targeted prime prospects, and romancing the advantage and the benefits that the recipient could receive if they subscribe.

I know of a swimming pool company that targeted high-income people who didn’t have pools.

The company sent the home owners a 4-color, non-threatening post card that offered them a benefit and bonus if they would call up or send the card in, just to get a preview and a free consultation of how a pool might fit into their home and what the benefits would be.

Dell Computer built a very large company simply by targeting business owners around the country.

What am I trying to explain to you here?

It’s this…you are denying yourself an enormous growth opportunity if you don’t incorporate some form of direct mail into your customer-generating activities.

Direct mail will generate more customers that will do business with you.

In one of my businesses, I used direct mail for over 25 years. That created over 300 new customers each and every week, because I set up a system of direct mail pieces going out every week to a qualified list of nurses.

So you should also create a system whereby you send direct mail pieces to potential customers on a regular basis.

Because of the Internet, you could also become an international business, instead of just a local company.

You could create those “direct mail” letters (in this case, better referred to as “direct response” letters) on your own web site. And if they are powerful enough, visitors to your site can be converted into your customers.

If done carefully, you could also use email to send your direct mail letters to prospects at a fraction of the cost of doing it through the actual mail.

Again, you have to be careful with email. You have to make sure the people you are mailing to have given their permission to be contacted. As you most probably know, if you contact people with a sales message and they have not requested that you contact them, you would be considered a spammer. This could result in action against you by the federal government.

Follow proper procedures to ensure that you do not “spam” the people to whom you are sending emails.

But again, target everything you do. Make sure you know the customer you’re going after. Make sure they fit your specifications.

Well that’s it for this week. Next week I’m going to start going over how to use public relations and get all the free publicity you want.

Till then keep healthy and wise.

Best Wishes,

Ken Varga
  ...using experience from my 35 businesses to help you generate millions of dollars from yours

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