Willing to innovate like this guy did?

Every time I think of ways for any business to survive good and bad times, I always think of Innovation.   If we constantly keep in mind that we should always be thinking of ways to innovate our product or business, we will be ahead of the game.

I recently received an email from my dear friend Dan Kennedy, in which he had an article on Innovation that I want to share with you.   Here is what Dan had to say…

“A great example, and perhaps my favorite example of Innovation, is Tom Monahan of Domino’s Pizza.  In fact, I spoke about him for the ten years that I was speaking on The Success Tour.

Tom is very innovative and a creative guy and his innovative attitude has communicated through his ranks, and I’ll tell you my favorite Domino’s story.

There is a Domino’s franchisee that bought a domino’s pizza place and opened it at a resort area near a resort lake.  The first problem with his market area is that most of the residences live there only six months out of the year.  It’s a place where people come in the summer and really nobody stays there in the winter.

The second problem he discovered shortly after he was opened was that there was no way that he could deliver the pizza in thirty minutes or less consistently…you all know that is Domino’s guarantee…because it’s a big lake and the houses are stretched all the way around the lake and trying to do it in a car was impossible.

He needed to get the shortest route between the two points, so he began to deliver the pizza by boat because every house was right on the lake with a little dock.  So he was the first Domino’s franchisee to do it by boat.

The next problem he discovered was that boats don’t exactly stay stable like a vehicle does and so the pizza was getting there in thirty minutes but it was all smooched to one side of the box and stuck to the lid.  Kind of the opposite of what it is that they advertise.

You know what they did?

The Domino’s engineers got together and invented a device solely for his use, no other reason, invented a device that holds the pizza’s in the boat, keeps them hot and keeps them stable, regardless of what the boat does underneath it, which must somehow involve a gyroscope.

The next problem he had was that at night, unlike the lighted road and lighted address, the docks and the lake are dark.  So his delivery guys were getting lost out there in the lake with the pizza.  So he had to go around and put lights on every body’s dock at his own expense and paint numbers on the docks so when people ordered their5 pizza they could just give their dock number and the guy in the boat could get there.

That’s a lot of inventions, isn’t it, to make a pizza business work?  Here the up shot.  That franchisee, in a six-month period of time, out grossed two-thirds of what the Domino’s franchisee’s do all year long and on an annualized basis, if you take what he does in six months and multiply it times two, to do an equivalent comparison; he out-grossed all 2,999 other franchisee’s last year as a Domino’s Pizza franchisee, delivering pizza by boat on his lake.  The ability and the willingness to innovate, to make it work, is a very important characteristic.”

You can find more important information at Dan’s web site. www.dankennedy.com.

Now you can see how and why innovation is critical to any business.  Keep thinking of ways to innovate your product and business.

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10 Responses to “Willing to innovate like this guy did?”

  1. Al Rusca says:

    First of all, if you are self employed and don’t have the innovation gene you need to find a job. Part of being an entrepreneur is to be a problem solver, always find a better way, and never, ever, give up! Success is the next new idea away.
    As a realtor I am always looking for a new way to meet prospects outside the box. Everyone works the FSBO’s (ForSaleByOwner)and expireds. I wanted to find some fresh ground. I took an AARP tax prep course then became part of a volunteer tax prep group at our local senior center. Now I have new people making appointments to see me 1 day a week for tax help. I build a repore, provide a needed community service, and offer them my card before they leave.
    You have to give to get! I feel it is worth my time to plant seeds in a market that will eventually be downsizing or relocating.
    Thank you Ken. Your marketing tips and blog ideas have opened doors for me by helping me to develop alternative paths to new business.


  2. admin says:

    Al, great job! Thanks also for the feedback.


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  4. Simon says:


    This is the ‘heart’ of what entrepreneurship means to me. You can reap all the rewards for just a little extra work. People get the ball down to the 80 or 90 yard line and then stop. What they don’t understand is pushing it those last 10 or 20 yards is the difference between mediocrity and MASSIVE success.

    Great article!


  5. I was studying some of your articles on this website and I think this website is really informative! Continue posting.


  6. Ken Varga says:

    @Cathi Fahning, Thank you Cathi. Please come back often. There is a lot in the works that you will be seeing in the near future. Ken


  7. Tanja Venier says:

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  10. Peterallen says:

    It is an inspiration for new generation. Be innovative is a hidden talent which always appreciable. When I listen about any new technology and innovation I think about automobile industry. Automobile industry is the first growing organization with the latest technology. We can found a latest car with advanced technology, well designed and more features. Touch screen concept in automobile industry is an example of this.


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