What’s In It For Me?

To attract more prospects to do business with you and to compel your existing customers to do more business with you and also to brag about you to everyone they know, you must be able to answer their most important question, “What’s In It For Me?”

Most of the business owners I’ve spoken to in the past try to answer this question by saying, “Price, service, quality, and integrity.”

If you are still using this old platitude, which 99% of Business Owners do, I have bad news for you. It doesn’t work.

You see, times have changed dramatically. It may have worked thirty years ago when the industry had a better reputation and the buying public was a lot less sophisticated, demanding, cynical, and skeptical. But, today, you must constantly prove to your prospects and clients why you deserve to have their business.

All of your prospects want to know what benefits they will gain from doing business with you. So, unless you can answer this question to their satisfaction, you have no chance of getting them to buy from you.

The main reason the prospecting and marketing materials or systems currently used by most Business Owners are so ineffective, is they don’t answer the prospects’ most important question.

They don’t give their prospects a good reason for wanting to do business with that Business.

Since your prospects have so many other Businesses to choose from, before considering doing business with you, another important question they ask in their mind is….

“Why Should I Choose You, Your Business, Or The Products or Services You Sell Over Any Options Available to Me?”

To answer this question effectively and powerfully, you use what is called your “USP.” Your Unique Selling Proposition.

I’ll be sharing with you what a USP is and how to Develop one in a future blog article. In the meantime, sit down with a pen and paper and write down the reasons you feel a prospect or client should do business with you.

19 Responses to “What’s In It For Me?”

  1. david spence says:

    Thank you


  2. I think you are so right. Great tool and probability our best tool.
    Thanks Ken


    Linda Berger Reply:

    You have made a very good point. I have to put those principles into place. Look forward to more comments from you.


    Linda Berger Reply:

    @Linda Berger, I work alone most of the time. Have help with reading emails. I need to learn to have more confidence in myself, and believe that I can make a difference. I want to accomplish so much. Examples, Reform current health care system and reform education. So much of what we learn in school is not something we can use when we graduate. I have read about struggling graduates from Harvard who are unable to find jobs. We need to teach our children Anatomy and Physiology and give them the medical devices sold at every drugstore, so they can monitor their own health. Insurance companies need to allow Doctors to practice medicine and let patients negotiate with their Doctors. I heard today that Doctor’s need to check with Insurance Companies about administration of chemotherapy to patients suffering from cancer. It scares me and this should not be allowed. I have said enough. Ken, I value your opinion and look forward to hearing from you.


  3. Good advice same strategy I used in my previous field, credit and collections. WIIFM works for any business. Thank you.


  4. Sandra Folk says:

    Hi Ken,
    Great post. Thanks for your sage advice. Yes, I have learned that one must know and be able to articulate her/his USP. If we aren’t clear on this, then we really aren’t clear on what differentiates us from the others and we’re not going to be able to sell our ideas/products/services.


  5. Glenn Kraus says:

    Thanks for the information as I look forward to the next blog with oen in hand!


  6. Lev. Godwin Ucheghame Uchenwo says:

    Thanks a lot Sir for these info about marketing; I will use it in my business activities and promise to let you know about my gains.


  7. Great advice Ken!


  8. I like it and I definitely think that is a good point to address even if they dont ask the question.


  9. Thanks so much for the help in the past, I agree with what you shared here. Now I know it is me who has to get over fear and just get out there – and do it!


  10. Ira Smith says:

    Excellent article Ken, and thank you. You are quite right, but I wish to add one extra twist. Even benefits can be viewed as a commodity so, what is it that is going to set you apart from your competition. I have found that no matter what, people want to do business with people that they know, like and trust. You have to set yourself apart by being in contact with your clients and prospects to just say hello, or happy birthday, or congratulations, even when there is nothing apparent in it for you, other than for doing the right thing. I have found that people remember these things and that has been huge for me in driving business referrals and therefore, sales revenue.

    Continued success Ken


  11. CURY says:

    What a GREAT advice Ken!! I’m laughing at myself right now because I’m reading your article at the right time… I’m about to answer a few questions to one of my prospect customer/business partner and what I’m reading here it’s giving me a very important tool to respond to him.

    Thank you again Ken!


  12. Alem Dinka says:

    Thank you Ken, I have also found that knowing your customers need or interest and showing them how your service or product can solve their issue or need. It is not about selling as much as meeting the need by showing a sincere interest to serv.

    All the Best!


  13. Vong Do says:

    Thanks for the reminder about “What’s In It For Me?” and brief tip. Fulfilling the prospects needs and setting oneself from others is important, however, being able and willing to do it is another matter…


  14. Jenelle says:

    Reading posts like this make surfing such a plesuare


  15. honda accord says:

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  17. i thinks so , If you are still using this old platitude, which 99% of Business Owners do, I have bad news for you. It doesn’t work.


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