Turning Prospects Into Customers

Everyone has that desire to turn prospects into Customers. Here’s a way to network without leaving your place of business or office.

You can utilize Social Media to do this but I’m going to talk about using the phone to accomplish this.

Create a list of Prospects you want as your customer or someone who works in the market you are targeting, someone who sells to , advises, or is influential in the market your target prospect is in.

It could be anyone who knows people who might need your services.

Just call and reach out to them. But, don’t ask for business or talk about yourself, except for introducing yourself. Talk about them.

Let’s assume you have a newsletter that you send to your clients. After you introduce yourself, you can say some of the following:

Ask them for their take on an article you read in their industry.
Offer to send them a report or a reprint of an article that would help them.
Invite them to coffee.
Ask them to participate in a 90 second survey for an article you are writing for your customers.
See if you could interview them for your blog or newsletter.

The important thing is to get the conversation started. Then ask them about their business. What are the problems they are having? What can you do to help them?

When they ask you about your practice be brief and change the subject back to them.

When you are done, send them a hand written note and tell them you enjoyed the conversation. Stay in touch and constantly follow up. Send another article they might find helpful. Call again in a few weeks.

I have found that networking is like a courtship.

Go ahead and call someone today and introduce yourself. This is networking.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

14 Responses to “Turning Prospects Into Customers”

  1. Herman Love says:

    i find this set of guidelines are very encourging and truthful


  2. Really sound “common sense” advice! We often get caught up in the day to day rituals of working with clients, prospecting for more clients, and putting out fires… This idea provides an enjoyable, time saving, and effective way to prospect.


  3. Michelle Soomro says:

    I love how you think. I have noticed with salespeople that often they are so busy or passionate about their product/service that they don’t bother to actually learn about what the other person is doing, what they need, or use or find useful. We need to listen and hear others. Its a very humanizing way to connect-and before whatever else we are, we are people talking to other people.


  4. new idea … you looking so nice


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