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I was flying back from a recent trip and was reading an article about a tax loophole that was ideal for businesses in the travel market.  Since three of my consulting clients are involved in the travel industry, I tore the article from the newspaper to copy and send to my clients.

As I did it, I wondered how many of you do this consistently and deliberately.  This is a great way to build your relationship with clients.

When you read an article, think about if it might be helpful to any of your clients, and send a copy off with a short note letting them know that you are thinking of them.

Profiting from the news is a wonderful addition to your marketing arsenal.

In my early years of running my corporations, I don’t think I ever read a magazine or a newspaper in any city I visited, where I didn’t tear out something to rush to different private clients. 

 Use this strategy to help increase the bond with your clients.

When you send out emails, you could send a link to a story.  If you send out faxes, you could include the story.  (I would recommend faxing short rather than long stories though.)  If you send out mailings, it’s easy to include a copy of the story. 

Introducing these stories to your clients is a way to boost their knowledge.  However, the stories must be timely…that’s the key.  If you wait, the opportunity will be gone.

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