Offers That Have Customers Beating A Path To Your Door!

Before I give you some methods and ideas of offers to get Customers Beating a Path to Your Door, it is important that you understand that the real secret to creating a successful offer is to do the initial research and to find out as much as you can about the individuals whom you are targeting for your offer.

Here are a few examples:

I consulted with a company which had 6 restaurants.  It catered to different groups of individuals.  4 catered to local residents, and 2 were in locations that catered to the business community because the two were located among office buildings and hotels.

If you’re going to do a direct mail promotion, the questions is: should you mail the same offer to both groups?

My answer is no.  For the restaurants located in the business community, I would get a list of the executives and managers who worked in the office buildings.  I would then send them a mailer that contained a brief cover letter, a brochure stressing that the restaurant was the perfect place to stop for dinner with visiting executives whom they have to entertain, or the perfect place to stop after work for Happy Hour.  I would mention that it was a great place to meet, greet, network and mostly relax in a great environment.

I would also enclose a few coupons for a 2-for-1 executive lunch and/or dinner.  I’d would also have something in the envelope for the secretary to use for lunch.  It would offer a 50% discount for lunch.

For the neighborhood restaurant I would get a list of the area homeowners with families and I would mail them a letter, but with a different brochure.  I would also create a small booklet of coupons.  Perhaps two offers for 50% off of lunch, and depending on the day of the week that we are slower than usual, I’d offer a 2-for-1 dinner, early-bird dinners for two, or all-you-can-eat for spaghetti on the slow days.  This could be only for the hours of 4 thru 6PM. 

John, here’s one for you for your dry cleaning business.   Because you have a few locations, I’m going to assume that they are located in different neighborhoods.  If you are like most dry cleaners and advertise in the local community weekly newspapers, and since there are quite a few newspapers to choose from, you must be selective.  Let’s assume there are two newspapers and one goes to the high-income neighborhood and one goes to a middles-class neighborhood.  The questions is, “Should you run the same ad in both papers?”

In looking at the papers in my area, I find that most merchants run the same ad in both papers.  They are wrong to do so and here is why.

Just as I mentioned in the restaurant example above, there are different groups of individuals you are trying to convince to visit your establishment.  Therefore, the messages should also be different. 

To the high-income neighborhood, I would write an ad that stressed how important it is to be looking your best for upward mobility and how individuals would see them as well dressed. I would then offer them one suit cleaned and pressed free, with another suit at full price or one tie done free with each suit.  You can create other offers for other garments

For the middle-class neighborhood, I would write an ad that stressed quality cleaning at a very modest and affordable price.  I would also create a small booklet entitled, “How Dry Cleaning can Help Certain Clothes Last Longer,” and just as above, offer discounts to get them into the store. 

I’m sure you can think of others, so let me hear some of them in the comments section.

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