Not All Clients/Customers are the Same

There are a group of your clients that are better than others. You know the ones I’m talking about. They purchase more often from you. They don’t call you every week asking the same questions you’ve already answered.

If you don’t, you should have your own list of what constitutes a better client/customer.

Better clients are worth more to us and we should acknowledge them and not feel bad about treating some clients better than others.

Look, if someone is purchasing from me where I receive profits exceeding thousands of dollars, verses someone who purchase once a year from me, I consider them a better customer.

Of course today’s small customer could refer tomorrow’s $100,000 customer who could in turn, refer the next $100,000 customer.

To make it happen in the correct way you must set up a minimum standard of care for those clients. In fact you should strive to exceed that minimum whenever possible.

But let’s face it. Not all clients/customers deserve the same treatment.

I call it the 20/80 rule.

You should make a list of your “twenty percent” clients. The ones who provide the bulk of your income. Start paying more attention to them, letting them know you are thinking of them and strengthening your relationship with them.

Spend more on them when you give them a Christmas gift if this is how you reward them each year.

Most importantly. Do whatever you can do to convert them from being merely a “satisfied” client to a raving fan.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

12 Responses to “Not All Clients/Customers are the Same”

  1. Don Skinner says:

    In the same shadow of Pareto’s 20/80 rule. Keep in mind that the top 20% has a subset top 20% of it’s own . These folks truly represent the core of your financial growth. They truly deserve the ” best of the best” in terms of service and gratitude.

    Something to think about. What do you have to say … ?
    Best to all. – Don


  2. Carlos Gomez says:

    Great article Ken! Always doing a great job at finding out what small businesses need!


    Preston Gaymon Reply:

    It is quite fair to treat your best customers with more care and attention than the less motivated buyers. This is a primal motivator for repeating what they are doing for your business.
    If you reward the less motivated buyers your business will remaing the same. In business and in life it is fair support those that support you. Your reward system is in line with the dictum,what you sow is what you reap.


  3. Thanks for reminding me, Ken.
    It´s always helpful to be taken “back to the roots” and the basics in marketing.
    I´m not very often using social networks and maybe cannot give a smart comsumption, but like to get “fast tricks” like this. Keep going and have a successful 2013! Uwe


  4. susan says:

    Hi Ken, I agree with you but i have also experience where even the small clients when showered with attention consistently, will bring good results too. They appreciate the attention knowing the fact that they are only a small clientele. It shows that they mean something to us too.


  5. Michael E. says:

    great thought ken-I was just applying thbis concept to my activity goals-I know that 20% of good focused activity will be responsible for 80% of my profitability and client satisfaction.


  6. Satya says:

    Here there is conflict….I see a difference between customers who pay more, again and again….and customers who are less problematic (like those who do not ask repeated questions and waste valuable time)
    There could be customers who buy regularly and willing to pay more but a very problematic case to handle !!!
    May be here we need to look relative benefit or profitability which is more apt..viz.,Annual revenue per customer in relation to total cost of sales and post sales service.


  7. Hi Ken!

    I guess what your saying is that a loyalty reward program above the rewards already being offered will bring huge benefits to us owners.

    I’ve recently started just that by creating a separate list where I will reward my most faithful by teaching them all I know at no charge.

    Does that fit the bill for what you’re trying to tell us here?


  8. Joanne Lucas says:

    While treating all customers fairly, treating repeat customers well makes quite a bit of sense. They will also refer business to you…probably at their level of need.


  9. Ken Give Me A Call. I gave not received a module in six months. MY last one reviewed was number four.



  10. So great … But let’s face it. Not all clients/customers deserve the same treatment.


  11. I also thinks consider them a better customer.


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