Massive Attraction of Clients with your Business Card

I have seen over and over again, lost opportunities for business, when individuals network.

You should always keep in mind that when you have networked with someone, they also have also received 20 other cards from individuals. So, my question is, What will make your card stand out from all of the others?

Here are a few things that you should do.

The first thing is to try to make your card unique. I used to have my card that looked like a folded $100 bill. It really did look like a $100 bill. You can find out from card company’s the unique types of cards you can create.

The second thing is to put your elevator speech on the back, so that when you hand your card out, you give it to them upside down with the message staring at them when they view it.

You can also have a short statement that will create a “what do you mean” question. I also had a card that said on the backside. “ O taxes” When the person asked me what that was, I told them I helped people create wealth and most of the time they don’t have to pay taxes.

Think of how your product with benefit someone, and put that benefit on the back of the card.

Think a little on this and you will come up with some unique ideas.

Also, if you are thinking of using the person as a source for referrals, ask them, “ How many of these cards will you need to share with others?”

Many of you offer different products, so create cards for your different products and think of unique statements that you can put on the backside.

I’m hoping that many of you can come up with other ideas. Let’s hear form you.

18 Responses to “Massive Attraction of Clients with your Business Card”

  1. Drew Knapp says:

    Great ideas, Ken!

    I know an insurance agent who gives out perfectly folded crisp $2 bills instead of his card. He said people tend to keep it in their wallet as a souvenir, and not spend it. Every time they run across it, they will think of him. He was absolutely right! I’ve kept it in my wallet for about two years now, together with my license. Whenever I take out my license, I notice the bill, and never fail to think of him! :)


    Ira Smith Reply:

    @Drew Knapp, see my question below.


  2. Ira Smith says:

    Question Drew: how many times since you met the insurance agent who provided you with the $2 bill have you purchased, or referred others who are interested in purchasing insurance, to that insurance agent, or given out his contact details to others?


  3. Gints says:

    Ken, thanks for rising discussion. I think that people buy YOU and YOU may sell different products…business cards compliment YOU and of course it is a tool to cross reference the salesperson with the card when the time to remember comes…
    I would prefer pretty standard version of the card.


  4. Dwight Lenox says:

    I have a card that has my picture on it and it folds. My message is on the inside. The back page has all my contact information including 2 QR Codes. One is my website and the other is my Electronic Press Kit. I don’t use the standard cards anymore. This card gets a lot more response because it is almost like a mini brochure.


    Ira Smith Reply:

    @Dwight Lenox, excellent idea. That is exactly what is needed today to give you one more tool in your arsenal to remain memorable in the minds of your prospects, clients and customers.

    However, it is a well known fact that to actually make the sale, there are many contact points required. It may not be until the 6th or 7th contact point that a sale actually occurs.

    So, the question for everyone is what memorable follow up SYSTEM are you using that is efficient, value based and not time consuming. Please don’t answer emails – those are so common place and more often than not get deleted, not kept, to place you top of mind.


  5. Carroll says:

    Thanks Ken. You suggest some things I hadn’t considered putting on my card.


  6. Thanks Ken for sharing I had never thought about puting something on the back of the card to spark them to remember me. I will pass this tip on.


  7. Hi, Ken .. these are wonderful ideas; however, my business card is electronic. You send a keyword to a shortcode number and you get a text message back with my information. Might you have any unique points for this type of business card? :O)


  8. Sharon says:

    Per your request. Compose a new text or sms message and send “1bully” (the keyword) to 72727 (shortcode #). No quotes and no spaces. You should receive a text message back with my business card. :*)


  9. Sharon says:

    Per your request, send a new text message to 72727 and put 1bully in tge messsage box. Click send. You should get a text message back with my biz card. I offer this as a service as well.


  10. I have been using photo business cards since I saw the first one. Funny but agents would ask me a dumb question when they would see one,” Aren’t those expensive?”

    They cost me about a dime each. So I would put down my card next to theirs and and ask them which card do you think would go on the top of someones stack? Which card
    a year from now do you think they will remember who we were? Which card do you think they will not throw away? Most agents still didn’t get it and worry about the dime!

    Today I use a full color perforated fold over slightly oversize card printed on all four faces.

    I am on the front (I put my picture on everything) along with my company name (which says what I do along with my contact information.

    Flip open the card and on the top panel I am standing there with my “whats in it for you ad”.

    The bottom inside looks like a form for them to fill in their information and the back is a list of check boxes for anything they might be interested in that I can help them with…life in surance , retirement, rollovers, etc

    There is a method to all this maddness. Many people don’t have a business card. Or the classic response that they just ran out (because they want your card without giving you theirs.

    So I pull out a pen that looks like a nice black Mont Blanc pen (with no advetising on it – (unless they are a medical professional and those pens have a gold medical symbol on it) and ask them to write their info on the card detach it at the perf tell them the pen is theirs to keep and walk away with their info in my hand and my card and a nice pen in their hand. (Law of reciprocity)

    If they do have a card I trade them for the top half of my card and use the form as a notepad for me to make notes of what their pain or pleasure was.

    If I call them later and the unbelievealbe happens and they don’t rememeber me I can say I gave you that nice black pen.

    The truth of the matter is that today I do very little from business cards.

    I now meet most of my new prospects by sending out birthday cards to total strangers that match my perfect client.

    FYI putting in a plug for Ken book “How To Get Customers To Call, Buy & Beg For More! It is a must read!

    Den Lobach


  11. Den Lobach says:

    Sorry for what looks like typos in the previous post.

    Den Lobach


  12. Joe "Gravy" Graves says:

    Great topic!! I just discovered Ken through a LinkedIn group. LOVED the video with you on the news. IT KILLS ME to get such poor/average service 99% of the time. That was an excellent interview.

    My “brokerage” has a pretty cool thing we do for the agents we serve. Our card is a folding card. On the outside panels are info about the agent. Whatever he/she wants. Inside is where the magic begins. There are up to 32 different coupons to various businesses. The agent partners with the various businesses, asking them to make a coupon offer. Then when you hand out your card, you are handing them hundreds in savings to businesses in your community. WIN_WIN_WIN. You promote yourself. You drive people back into locally owned businesses, and you card is definitely seen & kept. Just imagine the PR within your own book of business!!

    There are some right and wrong ways of getting this done. If Ken doesn’t mind, I would be very happy to help any of you implement this program I your area.


  13. RON BROWN says:

    I place a qr code on the back that links to a new financial information site on a by-weekly basis so they can return to my site frequently and get a financial education. When they are ready to use my product or service, i’am already a tru sted advisor based on the training they received from by qr code


  14. So i thinks … What will make your card stand out from all of the others?


  15. I thinks so You can find out from card company the unique types of cards you can create.


  16. amazing The first thing is to try to make your card unique. I used to have my card that looked like a folded $100 bill. It really did look like a $100 bill. You can find out from card company’s the unique types of cards you can create.


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