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Most everyone I know loves to have their birthday recognized. And even though you may already have created a database of your customers with their birthdays, here’s an idea that you can use for your social networking groups, be it Facebook or others that you are on.

Facebook, for example, makes it very easy for you to see, track, and remember all the birthdays of your entire community. In fact, there is a feature that I just found out about, where you can receive a weekly email notification of all upcoming birthdays of those in your community.

Here’s how. Go to your settings and click on “Account Settings”. Click the tab for “Notifications” and then click “Show More” under the first section. Then highlight the check box next to “Has a birthday coming up.”

I recommend setting up a systematic approach to sending out your birthday wishes. You can set aside a certain time each day in your calendar to log into Facebook and write on the walls of friends with birthdays that day. This shows that you care and can create visibility for you.

Be creative with your greeting. They will mean a lot to your followers.

I would love to hear some comments about additional ways you have found to use Social Networking sites like Facebook to build relationship with your community.

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