How To Survive This Recession!

When faced with a downturn in the economy, there are a couple big mistakes a business can make:

1. Do nothing

2. Do the wrong thing.

Doing either of these can put the nails in your coffin.

The problem is that the fear of doing the wrong thing often
causes many business owners to do nothing. This often leads them to stop or cut back on their marketing. This is the worst thing a business owner can do.

But if you want to give yourself the best chance of making the right decision, what can you do?

Well one smart thing would be to pick the brains of successful business people and model what works.

What if you could have 38 of the top marketing experts tell you what they would do in a recession to keep their business growing? Do you think that you might be able to pick up at least one thing you can do to help you prosper in this shrinking economy.?

Recently, I was interviewed by Scott Aughtmon about what I would do in a recession to make sure my business continued to thrive. Scott also interviewed Jay Levinson, Seth Godin, Michael Gerber, Yanik Silver, Alex Mandossian, and 32 other top experts in business, sales, and marketing about how they would survive in a recession.

To see what these experts said they would do, and to learn what you can do to prosper in this recession, GO HERE. It is definitely worth your time to check this out.

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