How to build a list of Super Responsive Customers

Every business has customers that I call “Super Responsive Customers”. 

What is a Super Responsive Customer?  Where do they come from and how should you cultivate them? 

Super Responsive Customers are customers who are advocates for your business.  They totally believe in you and your products, and will buy virtually every new product or service you offer or recommend.  You should communicate with them in a special way. 

The more you exceed your regular customers’ expectations, the closer they move toward being super responsive customers and to becoming advocates for your business.  As advocates, they will be your best salespersons. 

Super Responsive Customers are the greatest assets you can build for your business.

If you don’t have a group of Super Responsive Customers, you should be striving to create one.

Reward your Super Responsive Customers and let them know you appreciate them.  There are many ways to do this.

You can put on special events to which they are the only ones invited.

You can send them special thank-you cards or gifts for no other reason than to say “Thank You”.

There are many ways to cultivate, and show appreciation to, this group of customers.

What are some ways that you feel you can build and reward your list of “Super Responsive Customers”? Let me know in the comment box below.

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15 Responses to “How to build a list of Super Responsive Customers”

  1. We at Vandenburgh & Associates Food Service Sales and Marketing have a number of Super Responsive Customers. We developed these accounts byoffer extra services others do not. Since we service walk-in cooler and freezer filters we also become our customers “cooler doctor” by checking for any issues such as compressor icing, leaks in doors and report any problems to the owners. Because we are in front of our customers each month, we up-sell them by offering new products that fit into their operations and our services are always better than expected. Our customer turnover is only about 1% a year and only because of budgets or customers closings.


    Ken Varga Reply:

    @Don Vandenburgh,
    Don, it sounds like you have a well-oiled process there. Great!


    Maja Iten Reply:

    @Don Vandenburgh,
    This is what I call business integrity. Congratulations. I think every business owner should have the customer’s best in mind.


  2. Victor Quinn says:

    We at Quinn & Deluca have a Christmas Party at my home plus barbecues in the summer for our SRCs. We also offer special discounts on tax prep since they account for most of our referrals.


    Ken Varga Reply:

    @Victor Quinn,
    Victor, sounds good! Do you offer discounts to both the SRCs and their referrals?


  3. Elaine Maitland says:

    I make a point of remembering each clients special occassion and send them a hand wriiten card,My priority clients are rewarded with little gifts now and then reminding them that it is a privilege to work on them


    Ken Varga Reply:

    @Elaine Maitland,
    Elaine, great! Gifts and cards work. And the gifts don’t have to be expensive. It’s the sentiment behind them that works.


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  5. We at the Appliance Doctor’s have loyal customers who refer our service to there friends. Then we reward them by sending them a thank you card with a $20.00 gas card.
    Our next step is a campaign that promotes our program to our 12,000 database. At this time we get 20-30 referrals a month.


    Ken Varga Reply:

    @Anthony Attanasio,
    Anthony, the gas card is a great idea. Good luck on your promotion.


  6. Maja Iten says:

    I believe that having loyal customers has more to do with the business owner’s mentality than what he/she actually does. Success begins within. Of course, showing appreciation is a very good thing. Everybody wants to be appreciated. But to me showing appreciation has to be backed up with actually and really appreciate the customer. For too many business owners the customer appreciation is just a verbal thing, but you can feel that they don’t really mean it. As long as a busines owner looks at his/her customers as cash cowes no sign of appreciation will ever be enough.

    One of my main concerns is to do everything with integrity. This contains all aspects of doing business. It begins with being aligned with my life purpose, goes on with offering highest quality products and services and ends with trully & honestly appreciating each customer.


    Ken Varga Reply:

    @Maja Iten,
    Hi Maja. You are right–it is essential for any long term relationships, including business relationships, that they be built on integrity and caring for the other person. Without that, the business relationship is not likely to last long enough to generate Super Responsive Customers.


  7. Jon Huizer says:

    I certainly am in need of super responsive customers. I have created a Facebook Cause for the 501c3 nonprofit Do Something. It can be found on the do Something tab on the left of the page (

    It can also be reached here ( On the GIVE tab on the right, users are provided the option to GIVE-A-MINUTE. In essence, the user can watch advertisements or fill out short surveys which generates a donation to Do Something from a philanthropic network.

    If your feeling super responsive, take a look at the United Citizens of America’s main (although temporary) website. LIKE it and help me get the word out. While you are at this page, take special notice on the Wall that this is a pilot for a home-based business AND a bi-partisan political party. One that requires super responsive customers.

    The business model I am introducing is a political action network; whereby, a member’s activity on the site generates donations to our primary nonprofit organization which then generates revenue for the member. The model is based on these two components: 1) and 2) and operates in much the same way as the Cause listed above.

    As far as customer loyalty is concerned, the vbulletin forum integration allows students and mentors to interact in a very meaningful, educational, and profitable way. Imagine each of your posts above generating income for your home-based business. Professional articles, thread submissions, replies, LIKE feature, voting, and advertisement viewing are all funded activities.

    One of our primary goals is to make a major impact on the raging Health Care debate by introducing our own Universal Health Care benefits (for example,

    Let me know what you think,


  8. Ron Tauteoli says:

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  9. Jeannie says:

    No quoiestn this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.


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