How likeable are you?

When people like you, they naturally want to interact with you.  Many want to connect with you and support you; they are willing to give you their time in order for you to convince them to become your customer.

Likeability is driven in part by familiarity.  This means that the more people that see you, the more they will tend to like you.  This is a very important reason why it is important to build visibility in your target market.

There is a lot being said about “Social Media”…Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.  To be likeable in Social Media, it is definitely important to be open about the thoughts and beliefs which best support your brand or whatever you are selling.  This doesn’t mean that you should share everything.  It means that you share knowledge, insights, information and other tools which might help people know who you are.

When they feel that they know you, they will decide more easily to like you.  Be modest.  It is easier to like a person who is modest about their success, a person who has character, and who follows through on their promises.

Ask yourself the question.  How likeable are you now? What could you do to become even more well-liked in your target market?  What can you do to become more familiar to the individuals you want as your customers?

Give this some thought and let me know what you come up with by commenting below.

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