Here’s an idea you can start using now

A significant number of people are what I call “participators.”  They appreciate and desire being part of a special group.   They value being with others that have a special or common purpose.  

Smart marketers find ways to create this special group and offer exclusivity to that segment of their customers.

I call such a group “The Inner Circle Group.” 

Every business has a segment of their customers that create most of their profits.  You could invite that segment of your customers to join your “Inner Circle Group.” 

It is a way to bond customers to you and communicate with them in a more effective way. 

When I consult with companies, this is one strategy I find that is often missing.

When missing, I suggest to the company owners that they find out who those “participators” are and to create an inner circle for them. 

As an example, in the banks I started, I created an inner circle of business owners.
Those owners not only felt special that they were invited into this exclusive group, but they also worked very hard to recommend the bank to all of the business owners that they personally knew. 

Almost any business can create an “inner circle group”. 

How can you utilize this strategy for your business?

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4 Responses to “Here’s an idea you can start using now”

  1. Dear Ken,

    this strategy is very positive and we are trying to implement it creating the website I will appreciate your opinion about it.

    Best, Dimitar


    Ken Varga Reply:

    @Dimitar Zayakov,
    Hi Dimitar,

    You appear to have a very comprehensive site on your topic. The site is also well organized. Try to identify your most dedicated/avid participants. You’ll have your best chance of building your inner circle from that group.



  2. Andria B says:

    The inner circle.
    My following has led to a couple of playgroups I host related to my business.

    I run a cloth diaper business and support parents who use any type of cloth diaper. With the playgroup, parents who want to learn more attend and get to speak with those already using and loving the products.

    Does being a part of the Facebook business page count as people in your inner circle?


    Ken Varga Reply:

    @Andria B,
    Hi Andria,

    The playgroup is a good idea. You are building loyalty with those parents and this will lead to more referrals and more sales.

    I wouldn’t necessarily count the friends on your Facebook business page as part of your inner circle, unless you have created a special purpose for the group and it has some exclusivity. The reason I say that is because an inner circle conveys special privileges on the group. For instance, the group members would get special treatment that other customers don’t get; they may get special discounts; they may get invited to events that are only for them. And most inner circle members usually pay a membership fee to belong to the circle and to have access to those special privileges.



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