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Here’s a question I received:

“I faithfully read your Marketing Tips every week and I must say that they are fantastic and very enlightening.  Since you have started so many businesses and made them successful, I want to ask you this…l have many great ideas, but I do not seem to be able to get started.  My Ideas are ok because after a couple of months to a year, I see that other people started that business and are very successful, help me to get started, please.”

Wow!  All I can say is, “Just Do It.”  Whenever you have an idea, just do it.  Unless you take that first step—ACTION– nothing will happen. There shouldn’t be anything holding you back.

I’m a firm believer that opportunities cross each of our paths constantly; perhaps daily for some. The most important part is do you act on it?

In your situation it seems you perhaps might think too long on the idea.  Maybe you are a very analytical type of person.   If you are, it could be that you fall into the trap of analyzing everything that can go wrong with an idea.  But remember, we can only find what we are looking for.

So if you are only focused on what can go wrong, that is all that you’ll see.  And as long as that’s all you are seeing you’ll never start.  To overcome this, you’ll have to start looking for what can go right.

This doesn’t mean that you ignore what can go wrong.  What it means is that once you know what can go wrong you simply design plans to minimize those things happening.  And all this is done within the context of all that can go right.

In other words, your primary focus is on what you’ll get when things work out, and what can go wrong is included as a subset of the good you’ll get.  You can visualize this by picturing a big circle and a small circle.  The big circle is what can go right—what you’ll get; the small circle is what can go wrong.

It is important to also remember, that just as there is no up without a down, a left without a right, a here without a there, there is no opportunity without risk.  It’s impossible to find an opportunity that doesn’t have risk attached to it.  If you are focused on avoiding risk, you’ll never take advantage of opportunity.

Also, there could be individuals, especially family members, who make statements such as, “Are you Sure?” “Can you get Hurt,” “Why take a Chance, you could fail.”  That happened to me.  Wow!  Did it take me awhile to overcome the outside influences that surrounded me!

You can distance yourself from others who are negative, but it’s very difficult when the negative person is a family member.

Anyway, you must act on your ideas and intuitions.

With all the beautiful Sunshine you get on your Island, I think you should do as I do, when I’m there.  I often sit alone, early in the morning in a secluded area, and watch the world awaken.  The Birds in the air, the local fisherman setting sail, and all of the wonderful things that happen at the early morning hours.  Then I communicate with the Universe and ask for guidance during the day.

All of you reading this article know that ideas come constantly and at moments you least expect them to come.  No matter where or who I’m with, I always say, “Hold on a moment, I need to write something down, so that I don’t forget.”  Then I write the thought down.

In fact I’m the only one on the beach that has a yellow pad and pen, while I’m relaxing.  I know that the Universe will give me the answers in its own time, so I want to be ready when that happens.

Try doing the same.

Then you must take the action that is necessary to make things happen…the first step.

But here’s the caveat—the kicker– if you want to create that idea into something profitable and rewarding for you…

You must use the tools and strategies I mention in my Weekly Marketing Tips of the Week, implement them into your practice or business, and also implement the strategies in my book, “How to Get Customers to Call, Buy and Beg for More.”

As time goes by, you will find it easier and easier to accomplish your objectives. 

This can be a complex issue involving many parts.  Let me know if the above applies to you and if it’s helpful.

I hope you will let me know the results you get.  See you in the winter.

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3 Responses to “Get Started On Your Business Ideas”

  1. Al Rusca says:

    Great advice Ken! Overcoming the fear of failure is key. Accentuate the positive and minimize the negative and great things can happen!
    Thanks for creating such a meaningful blog. Al R.


  2. Rene says:

    Thank you Ken. I guess I always knew the answer deep inside but it takes someone like you to say it so cristal clear and so eloquently for it to resonate. You are doing a great job.
    I really did not expect such lenghty, detailed and personalized answer. Thank you again I am conpletely revitalized and I will go for it. Thank you too Al Rusca for supporting this.


  3. Thank you! It was great help. What I most loved about it was how you presented the information. Brilliant and helpful.


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