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HI Everyone. This is going to be a very exciting and profitable journey for me and I hope for you. Who would have ever thought that at my age I’d have a Blog. To some individuals, a Blog would seem to be a negative thing. But to me and to you, this Blog will be my way of answering some of your questions, and I hope these answers will also help others who have the same questions and problems in today’s abysmal economy.

I’m often a Keynote Speaker at many conventions and meetings, and before I speak, I ask the company that hired me, to give me a list of 10 individuals who are attending the event, so that I can speak to them about their problems and what they hope to get out of my talk. In this way, I’m not fantasizing about their needs, but I’m actually getting it from the “Horse’s Mouth.”

The reason I’m mentioning this is that I hope this Blog will accomplish the same thing…getting your concerns and problems directly from you. And I hope that you will also respond with some suggestions of your own to help others.

In the recent survey we sent out, we asked for three problem areas that you would like my ideas on solving.

Today, I’m going to go over a few of the questions that were similar, almost to a T. As I mentioned in the survey, I won’t be using your names when I respond so as to maintain your privacy.

Here goes…

The one question that most of you had was how to fight to gain market share and to maintain a steady sales increase year after year.

Before I get into some probable solutions, I want to mention 2 things. Number one is that you should massage my Marketing Tips of the Week to fit your business and implement them. That’s the critical word…implement them. Number two is that I have found that you must create an email list of your customers and communicate with them at least weekly. Just doing these two things will help you gain market share and maintain a steady sales increase year after year.

One of the subscribers who asked this question is in the ice cream business. Here’s an idea for him.

Secure a little plastic bag to your ice cream product container and include a contest offer to your consumers in the bag. The offer would be for them to go to your web site and sign up to win a free gallon (or 2) of ice-cream. There could be a drawing each month. This way you can get your customers email addresses and be able to contact them with offers, coupons, and announcements of new products.

Here are a few more ideas. Create a club for children. Let them sign up with their email or use their parent’s email. There are so many companies that deal with children products, that you can do a JV with them and offer their products, which of course you get for free.

Do Joint Ventures with charities and schools. I’m sure if you put your mind to it, you or your great marketing department or team (I hope), can come up with a lot more things similar to these.

Hope these help. When they do, please let me know the results, or if I can help you any further.

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3 Responses to “Gaining Market Share”

  1. Bob barber says:

    Ken, As usual all of your advice is pretinent and helpful. I think you having a blog will be even more helpful than your weekly tips which I share with my employees. I do not know how you are going to have the time to keep up with it all. Also i wanted you to know we bought a time share at the Playa Linda for the first week in June on the 7th floor out on the end. Unfortunatly it will not be ours to use until 2009. Thanks again for all of you advice. Bob


  2. Hi Ken!

    Thank you for your tips for Network Marketers this week. I have sent this out to our International team. This invaluable information loaded with nuggets, especially on asking for referrals and building relationships.

    Health and Abundance!




  3. Al Rusca says:

    Bob, Great investment! I actually met Ken for the first time on the beach at Playa Linda. After talking with him for a few minutes I knew he was something special. I have benefited from his newletters and other ideas greatly. We’re there in October. Hope to see you on the beach someday. It’s a wonderful place. Al R.


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