Facebook, Twitter, And New Social Media

At one of my recent talks, I was asked about the new social media websites and whether attendees should sign up, and how can they use the media to enhance their business. 

There are lots of opinions in the press about whether the social media work, or whether they are just time wasters.  Different people report different results. 

Remember, these media are only tools, and the only determinant as to whether you use them or not is whether they increase your bottom line.

Ignore the hype and focus instead on how to make them work for you as the tools they are.  Don’t drop everything else you are doing to pursue them, expecting they are going to make you wealthy overnight, as some claim.  They are not.

Dedicate a portion of your time and budget to learning how to implement them.  But make sure you don’t neglect what’s already working for you.  Just add these tools at a pace that compliments, rather than disrupts, what’s already working.

When you see these new media for what they really are… tools…not miracle workers, it becomes not a matter of whether or not you should use them.  Instead the question becomes how do you best use them to get the results you are after.

Don’t let fear of these new media, or lack of knowledge, stop you.  Begin by focusing on creating systems and processes which are easy to implement, and can be repeated over and over.  This is a great basis for eventually outsourcing the work, so you can put it on automatic pilot.

With social media you now have the potential to spread your message farther and wider than you could before.  Like any tool, you just have to learn how to use it to your advantage.

Besides blogging, your social media efforts should start with Facebook and/or Twitter.  Your profile on these media is an important way by which media users can find you.  So make sure you create a profile pertinent to your purpose for the page.  Use keywords that can help them find you.

Probably, the best possible scenario when using Facebook is to build a Fan Page for your business.  A fan page has a similar feel to your regular Facebook page, but it allows you to create a public profile so that you can share your business and products with Facebook users. You can find out more by going here: http://www.facebook.com/advertising/?pages

Here is a good example of a fan page: http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=mari+smith&init=quick#/marismith?ref=search&sid=1386575769.1132394570..1

If you’d like to learn more about Facebook and Twitter marketing, here is a good inexpensive resource: http://www.kickstartcart.com/app/?af=1081671
What are your thoughts or experiences with social media marketing?  Let me know in the comment box below.

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3 Responses to “Facebook, Twitter, And New Social Media”

  1. Al Rusca says:

    Hi Ken,
    I attended a conference about social networking yesterday presented by Rudy Bachraty from Trulia. He agreed with everything you mention in your blog. It can be a powerful tool if used properly.
    The best advice he offered us was to focus on 1 or 2 blogs and listen to the conversation before jumping in. Get a feel for the personalities taking part in the discussion and if it feels comfortable to you then join in on the topic. He related an instance when he joined a discussion without knowing where the conversation had come from. He was promptly booed for his comment and left with his tail between his legs.
    The idea is to provide information on a particular topic and hopefully you will attract a potential client with your knowledge of the particular subject. It’s about building a cyber relationship by offering free expertise. Exactly what you have been doing for years with your weekly marketing tips. You are ahead of the curve again!
    It was great to see you in Aruba! Hope you can stay a little longer, the weather here is not very nice.


  2. William says:

    hi Ken, i had this discussion on my blog a few weeks ago after reading John Carltons blog about twitter as a time waster. Believe me it really could be a big time waster if you do not set aside some time to dedicate to it.

    I have found with twitter that I can search for local residents in my area which is great because the more locals that follow me and my relevant tweets, they may one day need my services.

    I think face book may be monitized more by seervice professionals.


    Ken Reply:

    I Agree with you William. Unless you are doing business on a national or international basis, you should use twitter locally. The ability to search for local individuals is one that most businesses should utilize to create a following; but the most important thing is to make them an offer to visit your place of business. Offer something like a free report, or articles that you’ve come across, and build rapport with them.


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