Do you need to be on Facebook?

Again, I was asked this question. And the answer is yes, if you work it well.

The business magazines and newspapers are abuzz with articles and information on the rapid growth of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Businesses large and small are asking themselves whether they need to have a presence on these networking sites and are hastily trying to figure out how to fit social media into their marketing plans.

Do you have a Facebook page? If you haven’t yet built a presence, here are some things to consider before setting up a page for your business. If you already have a Facebook presence, some of this might help you.

Before you begin using social media like Facebook, you should define how you market and what types of marketing efforts have been most successful for your business. With over half of the Internet population using social networking on a regular basis, it is very important for every business to determine whether these are the appropriate media to reach the audiences that you want to reach. You should also determine if they frequent those sites.

You might find Facebook a valuable addition to your marketing mix or decide that it is not appropriate for your business, because it doesn’t fit your model.

As a business owner, you are the face of the business, and the business really reflects your personality. If you are a social individual, a person who makes and stays in touch with large numbers of people, then you probably already have a Facebook page and want to know how to make it more effective.

Facebook is an excellent thing to use to stay in touch in a very personal way with many individuals.

Here’s my suggestion…

Before you decide to use Facebook for marketing your business presence, try setting up a personal page for yourself and get acclimated to using the tools and features that Facebook offers.

While you are getting familiar with Facebook, pay particular attention to learning how to use the tools to manage your identity and keep your personal and business social elements separate.

If you are thinking of using your personal page as your business page, then you will want to carefully separate each sphere.

Let say that you are an avid golfer and run a business. You must decide if it is appropriate for all of your golf buddies to be on your Facebook page, posting pics that don’t project a strong business image. You must not do this. My suggestion is to have a separate identity. One for your personal self and one for building your business.

While you are learning to use the tools and manage your Facebook account, do valuable market research by asking your clients and prospects if they are on Facebook and ask them to join your network.

You can also use the search functions for Facebook to identify other individuals who are already on Facebook that could be your customers.

These are tough economic times, and everyone should be looking for ways to market their business in the most economical way. If you have the time to devote to building and using your social network for marketing, social media may have marketing potential for you.

One of the first things I’d suggest that you do is to learn the Etiquette that is appropriate for social media.

Remember this is your network of friends. You don’t want to loudly broadcast your message as you would with a traditional advertisement, but rather to influence nicely.

Join the conversations, build a personal facebook presence, and you will quickly see what it offers for your future.

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4 Responses to “Do you need to be on Facebook?”

  1. William says:

    Howdy Ken,

    I have been looking into social media as a way to market my blog and get in touch with other like minded individuals.
    There are so many social sites out there that trying to use them all is an impossibality unless you hire a social expert to do it for you.

    So I have been narrowing sites down by traffic, PR and attention in my niche.
    I do not have a face boook page because it seems so intimadating to use.

    My daughter has been on face book for at least threee years now. My wife just started. They both are hook. The good thing about it is that the television isn’t the main form of entertainment any more.
    For them it’s face book.
    For me its twitter, blogs and warrior forum. However I spend most of my time writting blog post and articles.

    Ken thanks for this post. It has help me look beyond intimidation of face book and I am checking it out.


    Ken Reply:

    Hi William,
    You’re right. There are so many sites available, you have to narrow down the list and only pick the ones that work best for you…the ones with the best return on investment. But since Facebook is the biggest, it is definitely worth checking out. I’m glad I could help you move beyond the intimidation.


  2. Hi Ken, I just enjoyed reading your article on posting on facebook. I liked the idea of keeping your person and business presence separate, and considering what friends want or need to know about business vs. personal information.
    (My husband John and I met you at Joel Bauer event in LA last year)


    Ken Reply:

    Hi Laura,
    Nice to hear from you. Many businesses that have a Social presence, for some reason, cannot separate the business presence from the personal presence. It is unfortunate. Again, thanks for your comment.


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