Hi, and again welcome to this weeks Marketing Tip.  Many of you have emailed me that you have had great results by calling your inactive customers and this week I’m going to give you two sample letters you can use also. This is going to be difficult, as the letters might go onto the next […]

What a great week.  I received hundreds of emails from you about this topic and how it has increased your bottom line.  This is what makes all the time it takes to put these tips together, very worthwhile when I hear from you that you’ve implemented the concept and the results it brought to you.  […]

Hi and welcome again to this weeks Marketing Tip.  I want to thank those of you who have emailed me with topics you would like me to cover.  You will read my strategies to help you solve those problems in coming issues. Now to continue on this important topic. This week I will go over […]

Hi and welcome again to another exciting, money making, Marketing Tip. As I mentioned at the end of my last tip, I will be writing over the next few weeks, about easy ways to grow your business without spending a lot of money. Since I do a lot of Consulting and speak at many seminars, […]

To attract more prospects to do business with you and to compel your existing customers to do more business with you and also to brag about you to everyone they know, you must be able to answer their most important question, “What’s In It For Me?” Most of the business owners I’ve spoken to in […]

I have seen over and over again, lost opportunities for business, when individuals network. You should always keep in mind that when you have networked with someone, they also have also received 20 other cards from individuals. So, my question is, What will make your card stand out from all of the others? Here are […]

Everyone has that desire to turn prospects into Customers. Here’s a way to network without leaving your place of business or office. You can utilize Social Media to do this but I’m going to talk about using the phone to accomplish this. Create a list of Prospects you want as your customer or someone who […]

There are a group of your clients that are better than others. You know the ones I’m talking about. They purchase more often from you. They don’t call you every week asking the same questions you’ve already answered. If you don’t, you should have your own list of what constitutes a better client/customer. Better clients […]

Added Value You’re probably saying, “ What is he saying?” You can call it anything you like. Upsell, etc. To me it is adding onto a sale after a person purchases. Here’s a few examples. In retail it could be when a purchase is made for suede upholstery. You could ask, without hard selling and […]

The strategy I’m going to go over today reveals one of the biggest kept secrets in the marketing game. In its true form, a “tear sheet mailing” is an ad or direct mail piece that is written to look like a newspaper article about you or your business. It is produced and laid out like […]

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