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For any small business owner to be successful, their online presence needs to be strong. Here are some words that come to mind when you are trying to build an online presence. Overwhelming, daunting, frustrating, and stressful. I’ve heard this from many whom I’ve talked with. Not only is everyone competing for customers’ eyes and […]

There is no doubt about it. Social media marketing is becoming more and more an integral part of the business environment. Procter & Gamble is ditching its TV Soap Operas for YouTube marketing instead. Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and other large companies have also jumped on board. The “fad” is growing into a mainstay. […]

This is a news article heading in the San Jose Mercury Newspaper on June 19, 2010. A group of privacy advocates, computer scientist, lawyers and others got together the day before to create a “Bill of Rights” for the “social Web” and for social-network users.  Since Facebook and Twitter are becoming so huge, they could […]

In prior blog entries on social networking, I mentioned how to use it for marketing. Today, I want to go over 3 things that I found people doing on their profile pages that you shouldn’t do. 1. Selling too much. I receive so many emails from the networks I’m on, that are selling. Again, picture […]

“Let me ask you this: what would you do, what could you do, if an employee, competitor or customer, hell-bent on destroying you, your company, or client decided to blast you on every conceivable social media platform available? Trust me, it’s already happening. I call them ‘smackers,’ shorthand for social media hackers.” In addition: “A […]

When using social media, build your group of followers with Focus and attention. One of the biggest complaints I often hear about Social Media is that the gains are incremental, meaning that it can take a long time to just create 100 followers or friends, and most of you become bored or give up before […]

Again, I was asked this question. And the answer is yes, if you work it well. The business magazines and newspapers are abuzz with articles and information on the rapid growth of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Businesses large and small are asking themselves whether they need to have a presence on these […]

At one of my recent talks, I was asked about the new social media websites and whether attendees should sign up, and how can they use the media to enhance their business.  There are lots of opinions in the press about whether the social media work, or whether they are just time wasters.  Different people […]

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