lead generation

An easy way to create loyalty from existing customers and also new ones – without spending a lot of money

Many of you don’t do Yellow Page advertising anymore, but for those of you that do, here’s what I suggest. When someone is looking in the yellow pages, they are actually ready to buy, so your ad has got to jump out at them, and then have them contact you instead of all of the […]

Probably 99.9 times out of 100 prospects, will not spend the time to read your unsolicited ad or direct mail piece. The reason is that you are “interrupting their lives.” The simple act of having an ad or sales letter before a prospect will bring them to the proverbial “fork in the Road” and forces […]

If you are on LinkedIn, you joined to use this social media venue to create potential customers/clients. The greatest stumbling block has been that once you joined, you found that the Linkedin culture frowns upon self promotion. That may have discouraged you. Or you may not have found a way to talk about yourself within […]

For many retail and service businesses, Val-Pak and Money Mailers are what they use consistently and what I will call “basic” advertising media.  And they should be.  Their success is because they are “low cost and have a high readership since they go to so many people.  I’ve read that over 80% of the recipients […]

It never fails to astound me that when I’m looking through a magazine or newspaper and reading the ads, that not only do they all look alike and are boring, but almost none of them ask for a response. Go grab a magazine right now and look through the display ads.  You’ll see ads saying […]

I spent almost 5 hours trick or treating with my grandchildren.  It wasn’t house to house like it was years ago.  Today it was a section of three local towns that had almost 10 blocks of stores.  I bet in the three towns that I took my grandchildren, there were at least 100 businesses in […]

Who’s right?  Who’s wrong? Seth Godin, Chris Anderson, and Malcolm Gladwell are going at it about “FREE”, the book recently written by Chris. Personally, I side with Chris and Seth, even though Malcolm makes a strong argument for his position.  I think it’s clear that if you look at the trends of “free”, you can […]

I ran across this magazine ad a couple weeks ago.  It’s a good ad because it tells a story and is personal (Excuse the quality of the image; I had to copy and scan it.).  Take one of your ads and massage it to be like this…to tell a story and be personal.  Then test […]

A million dollar idea Last evening, I had the opportunity to visit my local Chamber of Commerce’s meeting, whereby they had approximately 52 tables set up by various local vendors.  They called it “Sizzling Summer Business Expo 2009.” They also invited all of the restaurants in the area to rent a booth and created an […]

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