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Added Value You’re probably saying, “ What is he saying?” You can call it anything you like. Upsell, etc. To me it is adding onto a sale after a person purchases. Here’s a few examples. In retail it could be when a purchase is made for suede upholstery. You could ask, without hard selling and […]

Here are two lessons I want to share with you.  I recently got back home after being away for three months.  In opening the mail I noticed a flyer from a jewelry store.  I don’t know if you are familiar with the Pandora line of bracelets and charms, but the line is designed to keep […]

Back on 9/2/2010, I published a blog article entitled “The no. 1 strategy for getting new customers”.  I want to continue that thought here for this reason: many business owners are passing up a large revenue source by not including offline marketing in their marketing arsenal. How would you like to reach 50,000 to 100,000 […]

I have seen so many missed opportunities from businesses that I purchase from…opportunities to serve me better and for them to make more profit at the same time.  In my opinion, every call that is made to a business is an opportunity for an up-sell. Did you ever purchase anything from an infomercial that you […]

A significant number of people are what I call “participators.”  They appreciate and desire being part of a special group.   They value being with others that have a special or common purpose.   Smart marketers find ways to create this special group and offer exclusivity to that segment of their customers. I call such a […]

When I started my first company, it was a struggle. Over the years I realized how difficult it was to create a customer, so I decided that I wanted to create companies that would keep customers longer and have them spend more with me. This way they would spend more money with me. I became […]

A few weeks ago I wrote a Marketing Tip issue on using upsells. Because it’s such an important topic for your business, I wanted to give you a few more examples here in the blog. I live on the Jersey Shore and there are a lot of boat rental places. A friend of mine owns […]

When Business Gets Slow and cash is low, What can you Do? There are times when a business goes from generating extra cash to generating not enough cash.  Any business that has been around for a few years will experience the ebb and flow of our economy…especially in a recession. There are several ways to […]

In my last post, I talked about seasonal tie-ins.  Here are more ideas you can use for this Spring season, later seasons in the year, or upcoming holidays, like July 4th, etc. Now and every day, you need to be out there in front of your clients, showing them exactly why they should shop or […]

We have all heard the saying, “The Customer is Always Right.”  Well, I disagree with that statement. Customers are not always right.  Great Customers are the ones who contribute to the bottom line of your company.  A great percentage of your customers occupy a great part of your time, but little to your bottom line. […]

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