Competing and winning

What would it take for your business to survive in the face of adversity?  Let’s take a look at the possible bankruptcy filing by Blockbuster Video and what that has to do with you. All over the country there are now chains of stores that have a video dispensing machine where a person can rent […]

“I love a Bad Economy.” I heard this statement from a very astute entrepreneur whom I respect a lot. When he made this statement I asked him to explain what he meant. In a simple sentence he said, “Say Goodbye to former competitors.” A bad economy causes a lot of pain. A lot of people […]

Who’s right?  Who’s wrong? Seth Godin, Chris Anderson, and Malcolm Gladwell are going at it about “FREE”, the book recently written by Chris. Personally, I side with Chris and Seth, even though Malcolm makes a strong argument for his position.  I think it’s clear that if you look at the trends of “free”, you can […]

When I think of this topic, I’m reminded of the movie “The Fly.”  Have there ever been times when you wished you were a fly on the wall of your competitor’s office or store?  The good news is that you don’t have to be a fly to gather information about what your competitors are up […]

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