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Most business owners fall into the deadly trap of offering a service that people really need… and then wonder why they have trouble setting appointments and getting new business. Are you making this mistake? Do you see it? Did you spot the deadly mistake?   Look closely here… A lot of people need to stop […]

Do you ever wonder why your marketing message does not produce the kind of results that you were hoping for? Have you ever considered that you might not be speaking to the right group of people or perhaps the wrong language? The first thing you need to do is define and identify your ideal customers. […]

Think of a customer you haven’t seen in a few months. Do you ever wonder where they are purchasing now. Do you think that once a customer purchases that your job is over? What do you do now that the customer has purchased. What is your plan? Is it “ Well now I have to […]

In a previous post, I went over ideas on how to Wow a customer. Here’s another thought I had on that topic. The Art of Listening. You are probably saying that you do listen. You hear every word a prospect or customer is saying, or do you? Here is an example of what I mean. […]

I often hear from business owners that the banks won’t lend them any money to run their businesses, or that the banks are making it difficult to borrow.  Some tell me that if they don’t get a loan, they will probably have to close their doors. This could be true.  But I have found that […]

I’ve been posting many ideas and secrets that have helped to create more than 6 million customers over my career, and I’ve been encouraging you to make comments.  Some of you have commented and shared your experiences; many others haven’t. Can you imagine if just 10% of the members share an idea or strategy that […]

The following aren’t necessarily in the order of importance, but if all are implemented you can’t help but succeed.  Next to each To-Do is a link for more information: Create Data Base of your clients.  You need all pertinent data like name, address, email, spouse’s name, birthday for them and their spouse, and whatever data […]

What would it take for your business to survive in the face of adversity?  Let’s take a look at the possible bankruptcy filing by Blockbuster Video and what that has to do with you. All over the country there are now chains of stores that have a video dispensing machine where a person can rent […]

I ran across this and found it so poignant, that I had to share it with you all. After reading this, let me know how you take the central topic into consideration in managing your business:   An Obituary printed in the London Times – Interesting and sadly rather true.  Today we mourn the passing […]

Don’t you know it!  Just when you think that “FREE” has been worn out because every buyer now expects a free report, a free trial period, a free sample, someone has come along to take the concept up another notch. And that someone is none other than Chris Anderson, the founder of Wired Magazine and […]

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