Don’t use the same old, tired way of saying what you do, by saying your occupation! A little creativity will go a long way and people will remember you more easily because of the unique way you describe yourself.

I recently had a conversation with the CEO of a company I was consulting with and he asked me my opinion of branding and how his company should go about branding itself. I told him that I was skeptical about the number of people and companies who are enamored with the need for “branding” or […]

I’ve often had experiences dealing with businesses that were very negative. One time the experience is good, and the next time bad. Why? I use the phrase, “Repetition is Reputation.” When you are consistent, you build the trust of individuals. Influence and branding are built on consistency. People like knowing what to expect. You can […]

A few weeks ago, I had a very bad customer service experience.  I’ve known the owner of this restaurant since he was a kid helping his parents in their Deli.  Six weeks ago he opened his restaurant.  I’ve been there nine (9 ) times already with at least 6 people in our party.   I’ve […]

I’m often asked the question, “How do I build my Brand?”  My response often is, “What are you Building?” This really takes some thought. You want your customers to remember the essence of your company, not just the image you give with your public face.  For example the brand Coca Cola has a definite public […]

I recently spoke at a friend’s seminar in Los Angeles, and while I was having coffee in the hallway during the break, someone asked me if I would tell him what I thought the most powerful marketing strategy was. I told him that it didn’t have anything to do with referrals, advertising, or any of […]

Are your Employees your Ambassadors? I recently read an article where Herb Kelleher, the individual who made Southwest Airlines famous, said the following.  “Southwest’s communication, its message, is its people.” That means that they have trained their employees to be the Ambassadors of their company.  If you have flown on Southwest, you know what I […]

Question: How do I start blogging, make my message unique, and attract all the clients I want? Blogging is the tool of today for serious marketers, writers, and others who need to communicate information to a selected audience. Blogging is typically used as a public journal, similarly to a diary.  But it is also used […]

Question: I have been struggling for a while to come up with a USP, and my concerns are growth, retention and branding of who we are. OK, the three important points to keep in mind as you develop a USP are… 1. Formulate your USP from your prospects’ or clients’ point of view. Your USP […]

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