Building Your Brand Part 2

It’s been awhile since I blogged about Building Your Brand. Since then I have received many private emails from members, mentioning their occupation and asking me to come up with a phrase to Brand themselves.

This is so very important to anyone who Networks or meets prospects that they want as customers.

So I’m going to list some of those occupations with what I feel they should introduce themselves as and my hope is that other members will expound on what I’ve written and come up with ideas of their own.

Since there are many different occupations in this group I would hope we can come up with quite a few examples.

A Dentist: “Love Connector Specialist” Since a Dentist makes your teeth healthy and looking good they can use this phrase to open a conversation. Most people go to a Dentist to help them look good and perhaps meet someone special.

A Business Coach: “Time Liberation Expert. “ Besides the many things a business coach does, one of the items is showing the business owner Time Control and Time Management.

A Network Marketer who offers vitamins and supplements can call themselves “A Longevity Coach” since they are helping individuals live longer and healthier.

A Financial Planner: “A Financial Enhancement Specialist”

A Motivational Coach: “A Life Enhancement Specialist”

An Accountant: “A Profit Enhancement Expert.”

A Web Designer or SEO: “A Customer Acquisition Expert.”

Depending on the type of item you offer in your Retail Store. A Clothing Store. “A Gift Profiler” or Jewelry Store “A Love Enhancement Specialist.”

Anyway, most of you get the idea so it’s up to other members to now comment on what they do and what they think they should call themselves to create the environment where the other person says, “ What is That?” So let’s hear from you out there. If you are having difficulty coming up with a phrase, then tell us what you do and we will try to come up with one for you.

The objective is to test this phrase whenever you are networking and notice the results you get from saying it.

If you are having a problem, let me know what you do and I and the subscribers will try to come up with a key phrase for you to use.

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35 Responses to “Building Your Brand Part 2”

  1. Phill Mulherin (Australia) says:

    I’m an Insurance and Superannuation adviser. My job is to make sure my clients and their beneficiaries have an ongoing income if they die, become sick or disabled and finally make sure they have an income in retirement. I call myself “A Peace of Mind Designer”.

    Would be happy to see if there is a better description for what I do.


    Ken Varga Reply:

    Phill it’s great that you call yourself “A Peach of Mind Designer.” Try testing ” I’m a Stress Relief Specialist”


    Ken Varga Reply:

    to see if you get a better response. Ken


  2. “Our customers are our best connections”

    Michael Hockenberry, master electrician


  3. Ketan says:

    Hey, I like that one by Michael! (“Our customers are our best connections”)

    Overall, I found Ken’s descriptions broad – reading the tagline, you might not really know who to call if, say, you’re looking for a vitamin supplier (A Longevity Coach or a A Life Enhancement Specialist?). But I get the point. Like they say when someone asked a factory worker who fixed nuts into car wheels or something on the assembly line, he replied “I help build cars.” That was the truth – he did help build cars.


  4. Nate says:

    I have a network marketing business and we market every day services such as telecom, TV, and energy (gas & electricity). If I was to focus on one service, which I have been, it would be energy. In California, it’s gas for now. What could I call myself?


  5. Sabya says:

    “Committed to Improving your Profits”


  6. Saeed Yaqoob says:

    I am in the business of selling medical equipments can anyone suggest a phrase for me.


  7. Neena Dayal says:

    Hello Ken, This is an excellent article about branding. I have spent a lifetime in advertising and after years of consulting, have realized that branding is a very simple exercise about what “feels” and what brings maximum value to your target clientele. It is all about value addition and not just clever play of words, as people usually think it to be.

    A beautician friend of mine sought my help once and I rewrote her professional bio. I gave her the branding of “Personal Grooming Consultant”. She was quite happy with that. I saw many people use it thereafter. Maybe, the word got out, or maybe, it was just something that caught on later.

    Another friend of mine was a Yoga teacher. I gave her the branding of “Wholistic Rejuvenation and Energy Enhancement Expert”. That is exactly what people do when they learn Yoga.

    I hope the above helps in adding something to what you said in your very apt piece.

    Thanks for sharing your views.

    Regards, Neena


  8. I am a Small Business Coach – “An Entrepreneur Mentor”


  9. Hariharan says:

    We are logistics consultants and provide wide range of service from Shipping to Cutoms Broking, Transportation, Warehousing and personalised services.

    Our Slogan is Your Trusted Logistics Partner.


  10. Carlton Finley says:

    Because I write multiple lines of insurance, I came up with the tagline: “Helping people protect what’s important to them.” I am also testing “Financial Protection Expert”.


  11. greg schwabe says:

    I saw this on a tag line the other day from a home office insurance underwriter.
    We underwrite and overdelivery


  12. Ann says:

    I’m in the process of re-branding my translation business (from “What’s-in-a-Word” to “A.T. Global”). I have some initial ideas, such as “AT Global: your friendly local translation agency”. For showing benefits to my clients, I just thought of: “AT Global: your new markets expansion assistant”, but its a bit of a mouthful. Thank you for help with simpler more succinct versions of this. p.s. Phill, I think that the tagline: “designing peace of mind” would also work really well!


  13. Gints says:

    Ken, thanks for referring to this. For airlines, tourism industry I would like to say… “Dreams realization Assistant”


  14. Jim TenBrink says:

    I’ve got a challenging one! Our niche is helping medical device companies better show and demonstrate their products with either working demo models or surgical training models.
    “Get Your Sexy Back” was one idea, but I don’t think that will fly… LOL
    Thanks all!


  15. Fran says:

    I own and operate a bookkeeping and admin virtual company. Specialize in Bookkeeping using QuickBooks and my expertise lies in QuickBooks set up and training with full charge bookkeeping, and many other services. My tag line is “Setting Business People Free”, My title is “Financial Strategist and Bookkeeper”. I like the Financial Enhancement specialist and also the enhancement specialist. Mulling those around in my mind for awhile – and perhaps can grow on those ideas a bit.


  16. Christopher says:

    We provide independent bookkeepers with an affordable monthly newsletter service to send to their small business clients & prospects. Our newsletter service will help –

    • Enhance your image with existing clients,
    • Establish your credibility with prospects
    • Identify new prospects and

    So maybe our brand would be “The Bookkeepers Growth Coach” or “The Bookkeepers Growth Supplement”.


  17. Geo. says:

    Thanks for the mental prod, Ken. The company I work for is an IT VAR. I’m thinking “Technology Enhancement Experts” for a branding phrase.


  18. Brian Colla says:

    I would be careful going around branding yourself with the work “expert”, as this can get you in trouble legally, especially how it applies to insurance.


  19. Christine says:

    I make my own beauty products like lotions, soaps and bath salts, and never even thought of this! ha! thanks for this post :)
    So, how about a Beauty Enhancement Specialist? it sounds so CHEESY though!! LOL :D Any other ideas maybe?


    Cindy Reply:

    @Christine, Do you use Facebook to market your products? What if you could offer a “daily deal” and spread it virally through FB. Contact me if you want more information.


  20. Love your post. I’m thinking I should refers to myself as “the banyboomers booster”!


  21. Check that spelling error. It should read “the babyboomer booster”


  22. Oasis Day Spa has earned the reputation as ‘Beauty and Wellness Experts’ but I also think we could say we are “relaxation experts’ as well. In any case 99% of our guests leave with a big smile.

    Defining who you are, and what you do is so important so that you can easily make an impression on anyone who asks the second most popular question, ‘So what do you do?’.

    Hope everyone is having a great summer. Contact me for a special friends and family discount for fans of Ken.


  23. Nate says:

    Thanks for that suggestion Sabya!


  24. Amit says:

    Hi- I’m in the health & life insurance business. So far I’ve been using the tag line ‘Providing Quality Healthcare Solutions’. Any suggestions or Improvements
    are welcome. Many Thanks



  25. Ken Varga says:

    @Amit, ” Hi Amit, I would test Dream Doctor, Dream Protector, your protect their Dreams via insurance. Let me know your thoughts on this. Ken


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